Remote Getaway in Southern Spain

With a wide variety of scenery and experiences, Andalusia, in southern Spain combines rolling vineyards, wild forests, soaring mountains and stunning coastline. Stay in a gorgeous luxury villa, set in remote Andalusia, to experience this spectacular region in complete seclusion and privacy, all with the exquisite service of a world-class hotel.

When to go
From Price
£10,000 PP*
Ideal Length
7 Nights

Experience Highlights

  • Luxurious villa offers horseback riding and quad biking in scenic countryside
  • Andalusia offers premier wildlife viewing, showcasing diverse species like the Iberian lynx
  • Embark on exclusive Spanish safaris with PELORUS for a unique experience
  • Explore Spain's renowned vineyards, tasting fine wines in picturesque settings
  • Granada offers rich history and culture, highlighted by the iconic Alhambra fortress
  • Seville offers Flamenco performances and tapas tastings, showcasing beloved Spanish traditions


Boasting private stables and individual quad bikes, your villa has all that you need to explore this rugged and beautiful landscape. Journey on horseback across the Iberian countryside, bringing you a taste of this deep-seated and truly magical culture. Follow dirt tracks and forest paths, passing olive groves and orange trees, whilst keeping alert for the charming wildlife that flurries around you. For a faster, more adrenaline-fuelled experience, set out on the villas quads to travel deeper into the heart of the region, winding your way across mountainous paths and into off-the-beaten-track wilderness. 



With a diverse ecosystem, Andalusia boasts the best wildlife viewing in Spain, host to a variety of unique species including deer, wild boar, mouflon, and most notably, the endangered Iberian lynx. Set out in modified 4x4’s, travelling African safari style, as PELORUS takes on an exclusive Spanish safari. Stop in a secluded open pasture where you will be greeted by a delicious table-laid lunch spread, surrounded only by the sounds and sights of nature.

Finest Wines

The valleys and hills of Spain are dotted with vineyards cultivating Spain’s finest wines. Explore the local vineyards, learning about the traditional production process, before visiting the winery where you will try a selection of fine wines in a serene and enchanting setting. Alongside wine, Andalusia is renowned for its exceptional olive oil. Visit a charming family-run olive grove where you will learn about the history of oil production whilst you get the chance to sample several local oils, comparing the strength and uniqueness of the flavours.


The towns and cities of Andalusia are steeped in culture and history, with much of Spain’s heritage and traditions originating in this enthralling region. In Granada, you will discover the iconic Alhambra, a spectacular Islamic fortress backdropped by the Sierra Nevada mountain peaks. Led by an expert PELORUS guide you will discover the fascinating history of Islamic art and architecture in a location that holds some of the most important works of Islamic art in Europe.


In Seville, you will experience many of Spain’s most beloved traditions as you explore the charming neighborhoods. Discover the magic of the Spanish Flamenco in an enchanting performance that will provide you with a deep understanding of this ancient traditional art. Follow your taste buds on a culinary journey that will take you to several of the best tapas restaurants, sampling delectable dishes alongside complimentary wines.

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