Tailormade luxury travel experiences that seek to transform our perspective of the world and our impact on the planet.

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Outdoor Adventure in Montana's Mountains and Meadows

Escape to Montana’s utterly breathtaking rural countryside where vibrant orange mountains contrast with endless wildflower meadows. Engage in a myriad of activities including horseback riding, white water rafting, fly-fishing, ATV riding and more.

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Royal Rajasthan on Horseback

Translated at the ‘Land of Kings’, Rajasthan boasts timeless splendour and a rich royal history. Set out upon a horseback journey across Rajasthan’s unique landscape of hills, deserts and fertile land. Riding upon animals whose origins are entwined with local folklore, you will encounter local communities and discovering ancient traditions on this intimate journey.

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Unique Splendours of Southern France

Experience the allure of France beyond the ordinary with Pelorus this summer, from the diverse landscapes of the Camargue region, to the coastal charm of Corsica. This experience offers the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, amidst stunning beaches and picturesque towns.

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Portugal on Two Wheels

Combining thrilling adventure with fascinating culture and world-class wine, your journey through Portugal will be entirely immersive. Picture twisty tarmac roads overlooking the Douro River, and terraced vineyards stretching out as far as the eye can see.

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An Icelandic Family Adventure

Shaped by its extraordinary geothermal topography, Iceland boasts turquoise geothermal lagoons, ice-covered volcanoes, and epic waterfalls. Adventure through this wild and rugged landscape on a series of high-octane and action-packed experiences, perfect for the whole family.

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A Taste for Adventure

Deep within Norway’s wilderness, Pelorus and 62ºNORD combine to craft client programs that blend nature and luxury, while SKANDL’s team of visionary host chefs share their skills and passions throughout an experience that celebrates the region’s exceptional produce.

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Kenya Fly Fishing

Below the towering peaks of Mount Kenya, the untouched rivers and streams swarm with an abundance of trout species, providing the most serene and tranquil fly-fishing experience. Expect catches up to 12lb in size!

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Recent Inspiration

India in the spotlight

Nothing can prepare you for India—a melting pot of landscapes, cultures, and people. Our bespoke experiences, tailored uniquely to your preferences, aim to transform your perspective of this magnificent country allowing you to discover the true essence of India in an entirely new way.

Luxury Summer Escapes In Europe

Explore our favourite Europe destinations this summer and uncover the unseen wonders of the continent, away from the bustling crowds and off the beaten track with unique access to some of the most exclusive places to stay.


Booking a safari through Pelorus means getting a truly bespoke, immersive, and expertly planned experience that you won’t find anywhere else.


Be inspired by our annual bucket list of the most epic experiences and top destinations to discover.

helicopter in antarctica


Pelorus is always looking for new and exciting ways to experience remote locations, and there’s no better way to escape than by heading to the mountains.

Popular Destinations


Characterised by awe-inspiring landscapes and ever-changing scenery, Scotland is a remarkably dramatic location of overwhelming beauty. From rugged mountainous peaks and vast tranquil lochs, to the enchanting coastline of beaches and striking islands, Scotland is a mesmerising landscape that captures the heart and offers endless adventure for those who seek it.



Norway boasts a spectacularly rich and diverse topography brimming with adventure and wildlife. The Lofoten Islands sit far above the Arctic circle and are known for traditional fishing villages, rugged mountains, windswept beaches, and phenomenal wildlife. Further south explore the coastal and fjordland regions of Møre and Romsdal. Discover the highest single drop rock face in Europe, glacial valleys and picturesque harbours as you explore off the beaten track. ​



Few landscapes compare to the outstanding cultural heritage of Italy, with its colourful coastlines, sprawling vineyards, never-ending olive groves, historic hill towns and perfectly placed rows of cypress trees.

Weave through Renaissance cities, and marvel at the delicate villages perched on rocky outcrops as you journey across some of the most stunning scenery in Europe.



Iceland is one of the most remote and volcanically active countries on the planet, with mesmerising mountains, lava fields, glaciers and fjords.

Bathe in hot springs and snorkel in glacier meltwater to swim between tectonic plates. Heli-ski the west fjords, off-road in national parks, and ice climb across glaciers. Whatever adventure you're looking for, Iceland will deliver.


Kenya heli safari


Explore the African Bush as you aid vital animal conservation, embark on a horseback or quad biking safari, or interact with remote tribes and discover an ancient way of life.

Helicopter over Kenya's vast landscape to national parks that house an array of exotic wildlife, before retreating to a luxury lodge in the evening.



Discover this diverse and unique landscape, with volcanic mountains, lush forests, and an intriguing culture that merges tradition with hyper-modernity.

From samurais and geishas in bustling Tokyo and brown bears in Teshikaga to skiing in Niseko and climbing the iconic Mount Fuji to experience an unrivalled sunrise, there's something for every traveller.



New Zealand has one of the most diverse geologies and is a haven for adventure. Spend your days heli-biking, rafting, paragliding, hiking, or canyoning over the Southern New Zealand Alps.

Immerse yourself into the native culture with a local Maori tribe, off-road over remote tracks and dive waters that offer a wealth of wrecks and fjords as you spot whales, orcas and dolphins. Venturing to New Zealand’s vineyard country, visit world-class wineries and go in search of endemic species alongside experts.



We believe business is a source for good, and making a positive impact on the world is
paramount to our way of doing business.

Creating life-enriching experiences that are rooted in meaning and purpose is what drives us to curate impactful, immersive and authentic experiences that fulfil our brand promise of protecting our planet.

Recent Articles

three people kayaking

Soaring Across New Zealand: A Father-Daughter Heli Trip

Hear from Pelorus Co-Founder Jimmy about his trip to New Zealand, hosting a father-daughter duo on a whirlwind tour of the country, from volcanoes in the north to glaciers in the south and everywhere in between.

Aurelia and Caspian holding hands

Aurelia's Family Adventure Across Rajasthan

Hear from Aurelia, our Director of Travel, about her experience travelling across India with her 18-month-old son. Despite having been many times before, she got to experience India in a new way – from the eyes of her child.

How Luxury Travellers Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Whilst climate change is dominating headlines, most consumers don’t think about the impact of travel abroad. And, if they do, they’re often not met with much help or guidance on ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Hear from Travel Operations Manager Charlie about his journey through the Kingdom of Bhutan, which took him deep into the heart of the Himalayas, through valleys of emerald green rice fields and up to the stark, glacial peaks.

Unique & Remote Ski Experiences

Here is a shortlist of our favourite remote ski holidays that offer the chance to escape, as well as to enjoy exceptional experiences in luxurious surroundings with friends and family.

The Ultimate Giftable Experiences

Splurge on that special someone with one of Pelorus’ life-changing experiences. Memories are priceless and last a lifetime, so gift your loved ones something even the most discerning relative will approve of.

Off the Beaten Track in Iceland with Jimmy

Pelorus’ Co-Founder Jimmy Carroll recently hosted Financial Times journalist Sophy Roberts and her family on a trip to Iceland, inspired by a travel book of poetry from times gone by.

Exploring the Pura Vida: Lyndie's Costa Rican Escape

From visiting a regenerative coffee plantation near San Jose, to exploring the remoter jungle and river regions of Pacaure and Tortuguero, and ending at a wildlife mecca on the Pacific coast, Lyndie uncovered the very best of Costa Rica’s beauty and hospitality.