June presents an ideal canvas for your travel dreams, offering a precious window to escape before the school holiday frenzy begins. It is a month to dive into the rich tapestry of culture, seek out thrilling adventures and explore a world of possibilities. As always, our team of luxury travel experts are here to guide you and have curated a list of their top destinations for June.

June Inspiration


Alaska beckons with a promise of the world’s finest freshwater, saltwater, fly and glacier fishing experiences. Elevate your journey with heli-fishing escapades to untouched destinations and be some of the first to catch in these regions. As you venture south, encounter a thriving walrus colony up close, a testament to the wonders of wildlife in Alaska. Commence your US odyssey in June, where warm temperatures and minimal rainfall set the stage for an unrivalled adventure in the last frontier.


Indulge in an Italian escape that invites you to savour the finer things in life. Your journey could include a truffle hunting experience in Lisciano Niccone, guided by a local expert and their loyal canine companion. Or, in Portofino set out on a private ‘Gozzo’ expedition accompanied by a knowledgeable geologist to explore the captivating coastline. As day turns to dusk, retreat to the magnificent Portofino mountains, offering panoramic coastal vistas as the sun sets.


Experience the Arctic’s natural wonders on Svalbard’s eastern coast, home to polar bears, seals, Arctic foxes, reindeer, and walruses. Elevate your photography skills with expert guidance and embark on epic snowshoe excursions accompanied by local experts, allowing you access to otherwise unreachable areas. After dark be sure to set out on a snowmobile excursion for the chance to witness the mesmerising Northern Lights.


Immerse yourself in the heart of Peruvian culture with an exclusive Winter Solstice festival experience. On the 24th June, embrace the grandeur of the Incan Empire’s largest celebration, the Inti Raymi marking the winter solstice and honouring the sun god Inti. Elsewhere, explore the Paracas desert in ATV buggies and journey into the lush Peruvian Amazon to encounter a rich tapestry of wildlife, from exotic bird species to monkeys, sloths, capybara and snakes.

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