Luxury Saudi Arabia Holidays

Saudi Arabia is the perfect backdrop for a luxury desert holiday, rich with cultural history, complemented by a unique landscape and ancient architecture.

Visit the UNESCO protected site of AlUla alongside expert guides, through vistas of sculpted sandstone, unearthing ancient archaeological sites. Travel the vast planes of the Saudi Arabian desert by camel, helicopter, land rover, or dune buggy, and visit iconic sites such as the rock tombs of Hegra.

A luxury camp awaits you as you sleep under the stars in total isolation, whilst enjoying incredible gastronomy. Saudi Arabia is a playground for all things adventurous and offers a remote haven for luxury travellers to explore, away from the modern world and its confinements.

Luxury Saudi Arabia Accommodation


Standing out from the crowd, where the desert meets the sea, lies the admirable Rosewood Jeddah. Its prestigious position places it in the heart of the Corniche, the city’s most impressive and fashionable coastal resort area, boasting a wealth of historic, cultural, and artistic attractions.


Habitas Alula, Alula

Located amongst dramatic sandstone cliffs and the archaeological remains of Hegra, lies Habitas AlUla. Bathed in local rituals and traditions, Habitas AlUla is an oasis of calm and tranquillity in the rugged desert.


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