Grand in presence, bold in endeavours and filled with an unwavering passion for life. The USA boasts an impressive variety of locations, experiences, and climates for the ultimate seasonal holiday. From vivacious cities where penthouses sit above the morning clouds to dramatic landscapes and National Parks, North America has vast opportunities for adventure to be explored.

Uncover Canada's Hidden Wonders

Uncover the enchanting beauty of Canada, immersing yourself in nature as you explore the Canadian Rockies, swim or kayak alongside Beluga whales as their pods dance around you or discover the history of Canada’s first settlements amongst these sparse and remote locations.

The ultimate heli playground

Take to the skies in a helicopter, getting dropping you at the top of the mountains of British Columbia as our expert guides take you through breathtaking scenery and fresh powder or gaze up at star lit skies from the comfort of luxury mountain lodges that ooze warmth and opulence.

Discover Alaska's diverse landscapes

Spend the summer in the ocean as you head out beyond the break, in Alaska, grabbing your surfboard and leaping into the blue as a helicopter takes you out to the best surf spots tucked away in Alaska’s remote beaches. Venture into the snow hiking vast glaciers alongside our expert guides, fly fish between snowcapped mountains or spot polar bears upon the ice and blue whales breaching in the distance.

Roadtrip across the United States of America

Set off on the ultimate American road trip as you wind through the Midwest discovering enchanting vineyards, decadent artwork, and serene landscapes. Swim in the cool waters of Lake Michigan or head to Chicago for vibrant culture and gourmet restaurants.

Wildlife in Abundance

Uncover Mexico's vivacious culture and biodiverse ecosystems. Rejuvenate on secluded beaches, bike across vast areas of uninhabited beauty with our expert guides or camp under the stars in a luxury tented camp. Carefully curated to meet your adventure dreams, our team at Pelorus will create soul captivating experiences at every destination.

Idyllic Island Escapes

Fly across to the vibrant Caribbean Islands for the ultimate island retreat. Stroll along white sand beaches, dive into to turquoise waters to swim alongside majestic whale sharks or head into the jungle to explore the biodiverse flora and fauna with one of our expert guides.


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