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Why Safari with Pelorus?


An African safari is one of the most incredible experiences, offering an unparalleled opportunity to connect with nature, immerse yourself in diverse cultures, and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. Each day presents a new opportunity for extraordinary encounters, with no two ever the same. Home to a unique array of diverse landscapes - from the mountainous rainforests of Rwanda and the meandering waterways of Botswana's Okavango Delta to the expansive grasslands of East Africa and an immensely biodiverse coastline – each destination offers its own unique beauty. So no matter how many safaris you have been on, there’s always something more to keep you coming back.

Four reasons why a Pelorus safari is different

  • We create completely bespoke experiences that focus on immersing you in your chosen location.
  • Our skilled team of travel experts have years of experience creating magical moments across the African continent.
  • From the moment you begin planning to the moment you return home, we ensure each element of your safari is fine-tuned, so you just need to focus on enjoying every moment.
  • We work with trusted partners on the ground to contribute towards wildlife conservation and sustainable tourism practices.
Group on a walking safari in the desert

Since our inception, we’ve been helping people turn their safari dreams into reality. So what makes us stand out? Our expert team of specialists travel regularly to Africa, adding to their extensive knowledge and falling a little bit more in love with the continent each time. From developing new experiences in previously uncharted areas and researching and visiting brand-new lodges and safari camps to getting into the granular detail of wildlife movements and seasonal shifts, this expertise coupled with our excellent service and passion for opening your eyes to see the world in a new way is what stands us and our approach to going on safari apart from the rest.

Geordie and group in Kenya

Our specialists

We know and love Africa. Across the entire Pelorus team, a number of us share a strong connection and passion for the continent, with a growing contingent having been born and raised there. Our Product Team (the mastermind researchers behind every Pelorus trip) hails from Southern Africa, growing up or working on private game reserves and managing luxury lodges, or having spent countless hours in the field training to become qualified safari guides.

Our Travel Designers have also spent an extensive amount of time exploring off-the-beaten-track regions, far from the traditional safari circuits. From Chad’s sprawling Ennedi Plateau to the towering Simien mountains in Ethiopia, our team know exactly what goes into making every trip to Africa an exceptional experience, every time.

Beyond this, it is our relationships with our hand-picked safari operators that is our true stand-out feature. Trusted as an extension of our team, once you step foot on this incredible continent you’ll be in the company of some of the world’s best, most highly qualified guides who are eager to share their passion and knowledge of the bush. Expertly matched with you to ensure your interests and intentions are understood and weaved into your experience, you will have the chance to engage meaningfully with your surroundings, fostering an even deeper connection with nature throughout your travels.

Antonia in front of elephants in Botswana
Jimmy in Botswana
Savannah on safari
Geordie with a camera in Kenya
Charlie on a cliff edge
Bella in Ethiopia with monkeys
group in Botswana on quad bikes

Our planning process

Whether you are a seasoned safari-goer or this is your first time to Africa, there is so much to consider when planning your travels. From when to travel, which areas are most of interest, and how to gain access to some of the world’s most protected habitats, it can be challenging to know where to start. That’s where our Travel Designers come in with their expert guidance, connections, and military-precision mindset. Their commitment to ensuring that you have a life-changing and perspective-shifting safari experience is unsurpassed.

Being experience-led rather than destination-led means we get granular and work with you to really understand why you want to go on safari and what you’re hoping to achieve from your travels. The destination you end up visiting might not be where you first suggested, but we can guarantee that with our guidance, your wildest dreams will be met above and beyond.

Kenya tribe

Take your trip to the next level

Not ones to follow the crowd, at Pelorus we offer a transformative twist on the traditional safari experience by deviating from mainstream destinations and the standard itineraries favoured by conventional travel agencies. Instead of following the beaten path to well-known safari hotspots, we’ll venture off the grid, leading you to uncharted territories away from throngs of tourists, or will pair you with guides who know how to navigate the more popular locations.

Embrace the unknown as you connect with indigenous communities for a unique local immersion and learning opportunity. Africa is home to a rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and traditions, and engaging with these communities and experiencing their way of life first-hand adds depth and authenticity to the safari experience, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation. To further enhance your safari experience, we have access to renowned conservation specialists who possess deep insights into the local ecosystems and wildlife, ensuring an enriching and educational experience.

For those who want to delve deeper, head further into the bush with private mobile camps, getting you closer to the action. Wake up to the dawn chorus of the wild and end the day with dinner under the stars. Opting for a mobile camp affords you access to some of Africa’s most exclusive areas tailored to your exact specifications, be it near a remote watering hole known to be frequented by a particularly rare species, or a hilltop locale overlooking the plains with no one else in sight. And, best of all, they leave absolutely no trace or footprint behind, ensuring minimal ecological impact.

elephant spotted on a walking safari
guest talking to a tribe member in a remote camp
three giraffe spotted on a horse safari

Throughout your travels, make the most of our expert logistics planning with epic aviation routes that will see you soaring over majestic mountains, navigating to remote lakes for picnic lunches, or sweeping over epic dunes in search of desert-adapted wildlife. Or, for another way to experience these unique eco-systems, navigate narrow channels on a mokoro (traditional dugout canoe), traverse the sprawling landscape on camel, horseback or quad bike, or visit the birthplace of walking safaris - Zambia - as you walk on the wild side alongside some of the most highly trained naturalists on the planet as they interpret the tracks and signs of the bush.


Our Foundation partners

Gain exclusive access to some of Africa’s most vital conservation projects through Pelorus Foundation. We can take you behind the scenes working with veterinarians on vital elephant collaring and contraception efforts in South Africa, spend time with anti-poaching units as they work to protect the rhino population in Kenya, or help scientists to monitor pangolins in Namibia – the world’s most trafficked mammal.

What our clients say

“Pelorus has a huge reputation for organising amazing travel expeditions in all parts of the world – we were not disappointed. We are passionate about wildlife and wanted to experience different aspects of Botswana by moving to different locations and to experience the wonderful people of the country.

Pelorus had thought of everything with wonderful wildlife throughout the trip, diverse habitats and top safari camps. Our personal guides at each of the three locations were outstanding with incredible knowledge and such good company. Pelorus could not have planned it better.”

Pelorus Client, Botswana

“Pelorus organised for us a truly memorable South African adventure encompassing two contrasting but equally spectacular safari experiences followed by a delightful stay in the Winelands and an action-packed few days in and around Cape Town. The travel arrangements were flawless, the hotels superb and the choice of restaurants excellent. All the guides were really informative and we felt we were given a genuine insight into conservation, community and life in the country.”

Pelorus Client, South Africa

safari drive
helicopter Botswana
gorilla trekking in Rwanda
three oryx in Namibian desert
Baobabs in Madagascar
helicopter in Chad desert
Leopard lazing in a tree
River in Gabon

24/7 safari support

Since our inception, Pelorus has brought hundreds of travellers to Africa, with many returning to experience the magic again. Far from leaving you to your own devices once you’re there, we’re on hand from the moment you first enquire. And, during your trip, as well as having excellent guides with you, you can contact us day or night if you need any help or advice during your safari.


If you'd like to embark on a safari with Pelorus, get in touch with our Travel Team to start planning now.

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