Survival in the Jungle of Guyana

The tropical forests of Guyana remain one of few areas of the world untouched and unexplored by tourists, providing the perfect setting to push the boundaries of your limitations in a simulated survival scenario.

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£18,900 PP*
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7 Nights

Experience Highlights

  • Fly by light aircraft over jungle mountains, learn survival skills in a Makushi Amerindian village, and spend a night in hammocks high in a silk cotton tree canopy
  • Helicopter into the Pakaraima Mountains for training led by a former UK Special Forces instructor and local Amerindian hunters
  • Test your skills in a monitored survival scenario, using minimal gear before being rescued by a local team and airlifted back to civilisation

Makushi Amerindian Village

Head deep into the forest by light aircraft, flying over hundreds of miles of jungle-clad mountains criss-crossed by many rivers and creeks. You will be issued kit and briefed in a local Makushi Amerindian village, where you will practice several survival skills including using a traditional bow and arrow, making a fire from natural materials, and fishing for your dinner. Spend the night sleeping in hammocks high up in the canopy of a giant silk cotton tree, with spectacular views over the river and surrounding forest.

Pakaraima Mountains

Travelling by helicopters, you will be inserted deeper into the jungle, abseiling down a thick rope from the open heli doors to the floor of the jungle, in true military style, where you will begin your survival training. Within the stunning Pakaraima Mountains, an ex UK Special Forces Survival Instructor and local Amerindian hunters from the Makushi tribe, will take you through all you will need to know to survive and thrive here.

Simulated Survival Situation

Spend the next couple of days on your own or in pairs in a simulated survival situation (staff will be monitoring you throughout). Using just your belt kit, you will put the new skills you have learned into action. At the end of your days in the jungle, a local rescue team will find you and help you escape the jungle where you will be extracted by helicopters back to civilisation.

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