Tiggy Binger

Marketing Assistant

After travelling around various European countries with her family, Tiggy has always had an infatuation for travel. However, on graduating from The University of Nottingham, Tiggy was keen to step out into the wider world and embark on a new venture to the beautiful regions of South East Asia and Australia. From swimming with manta rays in Indonesia to biking along narrow roads high up in the mountains of Northern Vietnam, her six-month backpacking trip was packed full of adventure and excitement.

With a degree in Psychology, Tiggy is excited by consumer insights and digital marketing. This, combined with her passion for travel, led her to a role at Pelorus where she started as a Marketing Intern.

Number one unforgettable travel experience?

Witnessing the sun rise over Mount Bromo in the heart of East Java was an awe-inspiring spectacle that has etched itself into my memory. At first, I found myself gazing out into a vast expanse of darkness. Then, in a breathtaking transformation, orchestrated by the sun’s accent, the landscape lit up in shades of gold and amber. It was as though I was watching a painting come to life!

Top of your travel bucket list?

I would LOVE to go on a trip to Japan and the Philippines. However, I am also very keen to explore parts of South America, with climbing Machu Picchu being top of my list.

Who is your ultimate travel partner?

My ultimate travel partner has got to be my friend who I went backpacking with. We managed to put up with each other for 6 months and best believe we are still very good friends!

Want to get in touch?

To contact Tiggy please email or give her a call.