Arkaba Conservancy

Flinders Ranges, Australia


One of the most exclusive stays in Australia, in the heart of the Australian Bush in the Flinders Ranges. With 60,000 acres to explore the unique wildlife and a charming homestead to return to, Arkaba is a serene oasis amongst the untamed bush.

Key Features

  • Only ten guests at a time
  • Helipad
  • Fully hosted with a private chef
  • Day safaris with expert guides
  • Small library
  • Swimming pool
  • Small boutique for gifts
  • No Wifi – detox encouraged

With only ten guests this retreat is intimate and allows an immersive getaway into nature. With a fantastic team of field guides experience the conservation efforts and learn about the mobs of kangaroos, emus, and other abundant wildlife. With a ‘down to earth’ yet attentive level of service, the house itself is fully staffed so your primary concern when returning from a day playing in the wild is relaxing. The farmhouse has pressed metal ceilings, cool flagstone floors beneath shady verandas with an all-encompassing view on all sides. The rooms are large and rustically chic, each of the five doubles individually designed. With air conditioning and heating dependent on the season to ensure the perfect temperature no matter what time of year. A large stone fireplace and deep leather armchairs add comfort and warmth in the main living area. Enjoy communal dining over organic local produce paired with fine wines, swapping stories, and adventure tales.


Conservation lies at the heart of Arkaba's ethos, with profits from each booking and experience being reinvested into conservation projects. The commitment extends to supporting vegetation and mammal surveys, as well as aiding scientists in field research. Guests have the opportunity to actively engage in conservation efforts by participating in hands-on activities, such as tracking a radio-collared feral cat, setting up trip cameras to monitor crucial sites, and joining biologists on endangered animal surveys. Embracing a 'buy local' principle, Arkaba prioritizes the use of local sustainable suppliers whenever feasible.

Why we love it

The passion the field guides have a passion for their environment and culture that is infectious. The landscape and plentiful wildlife provide a special insight into the natural world and one untouched by the human footprint. Arkaba has a special atmosphere and being one of the few to stay here is a once in a lifetime experience.

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