Haggerstone Island

Great Barrier Reef, Australia


An ocean paradise, Haggerstone Island promises a secluded hideaway surrounded by the largest coral reef system in the world. Carefully crafted huts line sparingly along the oceanfront, against a backdrop of lush tropical jungles and a view of sparkling blue waters.

Key Features

  • Six hand-crafted huts
  • Activities include fishing, snorkelling, scuba diving, kiteboarding, paddleboarding
  • In house dining
  • Helicopter day trips to waterfalls and sand dunes
  • Jet skis available
  • Private boat tours

Situated 600km from Cairns, the 42-hectare island is accessible only by chartered aircraft and a boat ride, or by seaplane. Each and every hut is built into the natural environment with the design and materials echoing the serene surroundings. With a unique influence from Papua New Guinean and African styles, the interiors of the villas are furnished with soft linen and natural materials to create a bohemian beach feel. With a varied mix of outdoor and indoor living spaces, you can live the alfresco castaway life with all the modern luxuries.


Spend your days as you desire, choose from an array of land and ocean-based activities. Try spearfishing for coral trout and Spanish mackerel (that will later turn into your fresh evening meal), snorkel with turtles straight from your hut door over vibrant coral reefs bursting with wildlife. Take a private boat tour of the island whilst stopping off for the perfect snorkelling spots, or for an aerial view, the island’s helicopter will take you to the skies to visit impressive nearby waterfalls before ending the day with a sundowner on beautifully carved sand dunes. With the ocean on your doorstep, the cuisine reflects the abundance of fresh seafood, with the chefs using homegrown spices and vegetables to create flavoursome, delectable dishes.


Constructed entirely by the curators using natural materials, the building seamlessly blends into the surrounding environment. The primary water source is purified rainwater, and efforts are made to cultivate and catch food on the island, reducing dependence on purchased items and minimizing waste.

Why we love it

If you want the ultimate private island experience, we recommend booking the whole island for your party. Allow for the island to cater to your every need, enjoy private adventures with access to the beaches, coral reefs, and waterfalls as well as a private chef catering for you.

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