Saffire Freycinet

Tasmania, Australia


A luxury lodge in Tasmania, Saffire Freycinet provides an authentic and captivating connection to the spectacular Freycinet National Park and Wineglass Bay. The lodge overlooks the wide expanses of Great Oyster Bay where whales and dolphins play, and look over the pink-hued granite of the Hazards Mountains.

Key Features

  • 20 private suites
  • Luxury Spa
  • Palate Restaurant that specialises in using homegrown produce
  • Gym
  • Activities including beekeeping, visit the Freycinet marine oyster farm, Tasmanian devil experience, walks though Freycinet National Park and The Hazards, Pelican bay kayaking and bird-watching, stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing, beach games, golfing, mountain biking, archery, cooking demonstrations, mixology, scenic flights, and coastal walks with an indigenous guide

The Saffire Freycinet is all about forming a connection with the natural world of the Freycinet Peninsula. The entire lodge is focussed on bringing the outside world in, with wide panoramic windows overlooking breath-taking sunsets over the Hazards and expansive views over the bay. Spend your days indulging in pure relaxation at the spa or head down to the beach and feel the powder white sand between your toes. Or head into the unknown on one of the many experiences that Saffire Freycinet offers whether you want to track and help protect the elusive Tasmanian devil or take part in a gourmet cooking master class.

The Lodge’s 20 suites are luxuriously designed with furnishings and interiors that capture and echo the rugged nature of the surrounding coastline. All the suites have been exquisitely designed to allow the utmost seclusion and privacy whilst still inviting in dramatic views of The Hazards and surrounding crystal-clear waters. The Palate restaurant at Saffire showcases the best of Tasmania’s cuisine, using fresh homegrown produce tailored to every guest’s requirements. Even in the restaurant, a connection with nature is firmly established with fruit and vegetables from the garden, wine from the nearby vineyard and seafood pulled fresh from the bay that same day. Saffire offers an impressive array of guided or solo activities including everything from mixology courses to guided nature walks. With an activity for every mood and moment, lasting from just one hour to a full day, Saffire is sure to leave you with long-lasting memories of your time in Tasmania.


Saffire Freycinet has been constructed based on a framework of environmental sustainability, guided by principles such as "the protection of healthy sites" and the "healing of damaged sites." The resort actively participates in the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program. The landscape design is a thoughtful reflection of what the area might have resembled before Western civilization, aiming to restore natural ecosystems. Significant effort has been dedicated to revegetating the site with 30,000 native plants, facilitating a return to its natural state. Bushfire management is also taken into consideration. Whenever feasible, Tasmanian products and designers are employed, aligning with the commitment to support and showcase local resources and talents.

Why we love it

The variety of complimentary activities that Saffire offers grants visitors a unique insight into the area allowing you to forge a genuine connection with this stunning part of the world. The guides’ knowledge is second to none, and there is no better way to discover this rugged landscape than with an expert indigenous guide.

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