Go Beyond Safaris in Botswana

When you think of a trip to Africa, what comes to mind? You wouldn’t be alone if your first thought is of a traditional safari, looking out for the Big 5 from a 4×4 and returning after dark, falling asleep to the sounds of the bush in a luxury camp. Vehicles are a fantastic way to get up close to some of the most majestic animals, but if you look beyond, you’ll discover there are so many more ways to get out and explore Botswana’s landscapes.

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Experience Highlights

  • Explore three of Botswana’s most prominent and varied landscapes, renowned for their different species and ever-changing wildlife dynamics.
  • Adventure on foot as you embark on a guided walking safari, quad bike across millennia-old salt pans or gallop across the Kalahari Desert on horseback.
  • View elephants swimming as you navigate the waterways by motorised boat, or quietly cruise along in a traditional mokoro, a dugout canoe.
  • Take to the skies in a light aircraft, helicopter or hot air balloon and gain a completely new perspective over the dramatically shifting landscapes below.

Located in Southern Africa and stretching over 100,000 sq km, Botswana is a wildlife-rich country of dramatic contrasts. From the semi-arid Kalahari Desert that stretches nearly two-thirds of the country to the iconic floodplains of the  Okavango Delta, these wilderness areas are full of excitement and adventure. Home to vast prides of lions and a dense elephant population, as well as hippo and crocodile-filled rivers and wetlands, each area provides different landscapes, climates and wildlife waiting to be discovered, with a myriad of exciting ways for you to get out and see it all that go far beyond the vehicle.

On Land

Start your adventure in one of Botswana’s most iconic natural paradises, where three nights provides the perfect length of time to get orientated. For a close-up experience akin to a traditional safari of old, lace up your boots and go on a guided walking safari at Tuludi, leaving your camp and 4×4 behind and letting your senses truly come alive. Even for the most seasoned safari-goer, nothing beats the thrill of when your guide stops the vehicle and you hop off, acutely aware that you are in the middle of big game territory.

Alternatively, begin by immersing yourself in the unique environment of the Makgadikgadi Pan – one of the largest salt flats in the world – by driving across the lunar expanse on a quad bike for a thrilling adventure unlike any other. Feel like a character from a bygone era as you spend an afternoon horseback riding across the vast desert, or going out to track the resident meerkat colony. Then, come back to your home for the night and settle in at the iconic Jack's Camp, an oasis of luxury in this otherwise harsh environment.

On Water

For your next stop, travel to the heart of one of the most impressive natural environments within Botswana, the mighty Okavango Delta, an inland river covered in grassy plains that welcomes all manner of wildlife. A playground waiting to be explored, hop into a mokoro – a traditional canoe typically made from a hollowed-out tree – to get out onto the water. At Xigera Safari Lodge, the mokoros have been modernised with an added glass bottom so you don’t just get to see the amazing birdlife on the riverbanks or the hippos bobbing in the water, but you might just catch a glimpse of what lies below…

Want to delve deeper? Stay at the extraordinary Jao Camp, located on remote island in the Delta, for a truly enriched experience. A private boat trip can take you further into these winding waterways where you’ll be able to see more of the wildlife in their natural habitats, from big game stopping for a drink to crocodiles floating by, and even the possibility of watching elephants swim.

By Air

Throughout your travels across Botswana, scenic light aircraft flights will take your breath away and provide the perfect overview to orientate yourself on your adventure. At Eagle Island Lodge, take to the skies to see the Delta in a whole new light (it’s one of our favourite ways to see it in all its glory) and opt for a helicopter safari that has been designed to showcase this expansive land through an open-door, boasting spectacular panoramic views.

For something a little different, end your safari at Sitatunga Private Island Camp in the Northern section of the Delta, an entirely water-based camp with only three suites, ensuring the utmost privacy in a stunning island location. For something truly spectacular, Pelorus can arrange a unique excursion to embark on a hot air balloon adventure for a serene sunrise experience, presenting the perfect opportunity for a whimsical memory as you float over the peaceful herds below.

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