Caiman Ecological Refuge

Pantanal Region, Brazil


The Pantanal region in Brazil is known for its incredible biodiversity and culture. The flora and fauna are widely varied from the untamed beauty of the jaguar to the vivid hyacinth macaw. Embrace ranch life and support eco-tourism with an unforgettable stay at Caiman Ecological Refuge.

Key Features

  • Three Lodges spread across the Caiman refuge, including the main lodge
  • Banquet style dining
  • Swimming pools at each lodge
  • Unique activities provided for guests such as safaris, nocturnal safaris and Pantaneiro Tour
  • Canoeing
  • Bird-watching
  • Two swimming pools


Settle into Brazilian ranch life and become an integral part of this pioneering eco-tourism project. This is conscious travel at its finest. Blending Pantanal culture and restful luxurious interiors; the three lodges are available to hire as individual rooms or exclusively. With amazing hospitality and authentic, alfresco gastronomical experiences, the rooms are surrounded by picturesque views, all the better to enjoy from one of the divinely comfy hammocks slung between palms. With spacious wooden living areas and windows making up most of the walls there is no better décor than the breath-taking panorama outside your door.

Culinary Experience

Choose to dine family style or privately for a more intimate experience. Feast on the delights of the region including tropical fruits, authentic pasties and organic local meat from the cattle roaming the ranch.


The Pantanal stands out as Brazil's most well-preserved biome. The Onçafari Project plays a crucial role in conserving wildlife while channeling tourism benefits into the local economy. This sustainable approach is central to the philosophy of the Caiman Lodge, which operates within the Private Reserve of Natural Patrimony Dona Aracy—a protected area spanning 5.6 thousand acres.

Why we love it

With a such a focus on Pantanal's natural biome and ways they can improve their conservation and preservation methods further, the guides and people who work in and around the ranch are a fount of knowledge about the livestock, wildlife and the sustainable cycle the ranch thrives on. This refuge can best be explained as the creation of a real world social and nature laboratory in a truly incredible setting.

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