Camp Warda

Ennedi Plateau, Chad


Deep in the seemingly inhospitable and barren Ennedi Plateau, Camp Warda has created a unique experience visited by few before. The first semi-permanent tented camp in this location, it provides an exciting new opportunity for exploration in the heart of the Ennedi Massif, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2016.

Key Features

  • Caravan flight providing access from the capital N’djamena to Fada and Faya Largeau
  • Eight residential units with private shower
  • Fully catered
  • Exceptional experiences encompassing a six-day itinerary

The exceptional setting of this camp is other worldly. The feat of luxury achieved in such an arid environment is champion of the innovativeness of the people working here. The location of the camp allows the highlights of the region to be seen in a one-day outing, leaving time to marvel at the incredibly adapted wildlife and local flora. 


The bulbous cream domes hide in the shadow of the sandstone rocks jutting into a lilac coloured sky. Each have their own private shower and field toilet, while sharing a communal area to relax and dine alfresco under the brilliance of the African sky.


Camp Warda is semi-permanent to minimise the impact on the delicate desert ecosystem. Working with a leave no trace attitude, all waste is taken away and the property works with the local people, ensuring that the ‘expat’ employees are confident in the local knowledge and respect the cultural background of the region.

Why we love it

This is truly exploring a road less travelled, Camp Warda gives the opportunity to explore in depth this exceptional part of the Sahara. In the company of expert guides, sound in their knowledge and mastery of the nature of the plains. Observe the land of the Tubu; one of Africa’s most traditional and least known people who live among the rock. Marvel at their way of life amongst the petroglyphs and rock paintings of generations past.

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