Journey Through Cultural Colombia

Where tropical Amazon rainforest runs wild from the shallows of the soaring Andes, to the point where warm waters lap the white sands of a paradisal Caribbean coastline, Colombia is a fascinating treasure trove to be discovered. A culturally captivating country, it's the perfect adventure playground for truly exceptional experiences.

When to go
Jan-Mar, Jul-Sep
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£24,600 PP*
Ideal Length
10 Nights

Experience Highlights

  • La Guajira desert adventure
  • Helicopter to the Seirra Nevada de Santa Marta
  • Puma tracking and night safari
  • Explore Cartagena's vibrant nightlife and Los Llanos wildlife
  • Humpback whale watching
  • Join expert marine biologists in their conservation efforts to track the movements of hammerhead sharks

Colombia has celebrated many milestones since its years of turmoil and has since earned its reputation of being one of the most passionate and colourful cultures on Earth. Yet to be explored by the masses, this second most biodiverse country on Earth is a fascinating kingdom of which simply you cannot come and go having just scratched the surface. The full Colombian experience requires an immersion with tribal communities, views from above of the ‘Lost City’, time amongst the peaceful serenity of desert sand dunes, wildlife spotting in the tropical wetlands, and the Amazon rainforest to the colourful buzz of Cartagena and Bogota.

North of Colombia

As the gateway to South America, Colombia does a wonderful job of introducing people to this fascinating continent. In the north of Colombia, lies some of the most diverse terrains in the country. Here, mountains, coast, and desert converge to form the highest coastal mountain range in the world. Fly to the most northerly part of South America, to the surreal northern deserts of La Guajira which defy all expectation. A region of beguiling beauty, where rolling desert sand dunes meet the pristine ocean… this unusual contrast is a wondrous sight to behold, and if it interests you, the most exclusive location to learn to kiteboard and windsurf.

'Lost City'

A haven of biodiversity, our unique itineraries, and exclusive access to tribal communities will open your eyes to blissful areas you were unaware existed. Travel to secluded areas only accessible via helicopter, one of these being the awe-inspiring vistas of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountain range, for an exclusive aerial view of the renowned ‘Lost City’. Following this, you will land within the remote tundra of the indigenous Kogui community, for a humbling cultural exchange with a pre-Colombian society. Highly attuned to their surrounding natural environment, they have preserved their traditional ways of life for over 500 years. Accompanied by your expert conservationist, trek through the jungle wilderness in search of the elusive puma before heading out after sunset to discover the wondrous array of nocturnal wildlife, under a star-scattered sky.

The north is home to colourful Cartagena, where quaint and cobbled streets are abuzz, dressed with pastel facades and luxuriant bougainvillea hanging from balconies. Quite the cultural refresh from the remote jungle wilderness, the city comes alive at night to the rhythm of Salsa, the love language which unites the sprawling cities of Colombia.

South of Columbia

Heading south, away from the firmly established travellers trail, you will find the Los Llanos region. Characterised by savannahs, wetlands, and forests, this beguiling region consists of an astounding array of rare mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. A bird-watching haven, the Llanos is home to the semi-endemic species of white-bearded flycatcher and pale-headed jacamar. Take off deep into the savannah horseback with the Llaneros cowboys who will teach you how to use a traditional lasso to corral cattle and capture an anaconda. Ride back across the open plains whilst the sun dips below the horizon, before retiring to your luxury hacienda, an eco-camp amongst the Colombian wilds. 


Pay a visit to the charming colonial town of Barichara known as one of the most beautiful Colombian towns, and for good reason. Culturally fascinating, Barichara's quaint cobbled streets boast lovely architecture and stunning natural surroundings painting Colombia in a beautiful light. Trek along the ancient road to the equally charming village of Guane, built by the Spanish colonisers. A two-hour trek that passes through some of the region’s most beautiful countryside and gives you the opportunity to learn about this secluded valley’s extensive history. Between Medellin, Bogota and Cali lies Colombia’s coffee region. For the coffee enthusiasts amongst you, where better to understand the art of perfecting the cup of coffee than amongst Colombian coffee plantations.

Embark upon an adrenaline-fuelled adventure in the majestic Chicamocha Canyon, one of the most striking natural landforms in the world. Paraglide over this imposing valley, providing sensational views of this immense gorge before landing 2,000 metres deep at the bottom of the canyon. Climb aboard your waiting raft as you tackle thrilling level four rapids, sailing through the canyon, revealing otherworldly vistas that cannot be reached by land. Conclude your adventure with a journey to the coast for a peaceful experience with one of the world’s biggest concentrations of humpback whales. On this incredible speedboat excursion, you will watch whales in their natural habitat under the leadership of an expert Pelorus guide, who will coordinate a route for you to ensure the best chances of seeing these majestic creatures emerge from below the surface.

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