Mashpi, Ecuador


Amidst the abundance of wildlife, deep in the Ecuadorian rainforest, Mashpi Lodge is paradise for naturalists. With over 400 species of birds, trees and frogs on its doorstep, the Lodge hums with the vibrancy of the lush green forest. On a private reserve, the intimate nature of this Lodge allows for a wholly immersive experience into this environment with world class experts and conservationists.

Key Features

  • 47 guests total
  • Rooms and suites
  • Life Centre to learn about the science and ecological progress of the region
  • Open-air panoramic terrace
  • Restaurant serving organic cuisine
  • Explorer’s bar
  • Boutique
  • Expedition room
  • Wellness sanctuary
  • Varied range of activities


Among the canopy the Lodge itself is a contemporary design showcasing urban comfort. Huge windows bring the outside in and luxury touches such as king-sized beds and elegant lounging areas enhance the luxurious feel. Located on a scenic plateau, it is ideally situated to provide the best views over the forested mountains. The rooms compliment the views with the forest tones and modernist design and span over three floors making the most of the floor to ceiling windows, with gentle LED lighting the ambience is calm and conducive to the perfect night’s sleep.

Culinary Experience

A lively gourmet experience, the food is inspired by the flavours of Ecuador with the Chef making the most of the Lodge’s location between the coast and the Andes using a variety of fresh and seasonal ingredients. Paired with exquisite wines and imaginative cocktails from the vibrant Explorer’s bar it’s an art form of culinary experience.


Your jungle experience would not be complete without unwinding in the sanctuary of the wellness suite at Mashpi. Surrounded by cloud forest, the Samay wellness centre is tranquil and offers a variety of healing treatments as well as yoga, a hot tub and sauna and outdoor deck so you can sit and absorb the sights and sounds of the trees around you.


The lodge at Mashpi is deeply rooted in its collaboration with the local community, offering them a stake in the enterprise and providing job opportunities along with English classes for personal advancement. By sourcing agricultural products locally, the lodge contributes to the economic development of nearby communities. In parallel, it engages in conservation efforts, partnering with academic and organisational bodies to protect the region's biodiversity. The lodge sets an example of environmental stewardship through sustainable construction practices, ensuring that guests and the natural surroundings benefit from its presence.

Why we love it

If you have a passion for exotic flora and fauna, you couldn’t stay anywhere more idyllic. Any curiosity can be answered and the incredible scientists and guides will be able to answer your burning questions. Combined with exciting treks through the stunning forest this is a unique treasure in the heart of Ecuador.

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