Tackle the UK's Three Peaks

Tackle the three iconic peaks of the UK on a chauffeur-driven or self-drive tour across the country, staying in three gorgeous properties, delighting in superb cuisine, and coming heart to heart with the magnificent natural surroundings in a combination of unique experiences.

When to go
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£17,500 PP*
Ideal Length
7 Nights

Experience Highlights

  • Beginning in the Scottish Highlands, stay in a traditional Scottish castle dating back to 1560
  • Boasting the highest mountain in Britain, at 1,345 metres, Ben Nevis is a challenging, yet gratifying climb
  • Sample carefully crafted whisky in the private surroundings of your secluded castle
  • Twist and wind your way up Scafell Pike
  • Ascend your final peak with Snowdonia, Wales’ highest mountain
  • Alongside an expert local guide, forage for wild delicacies along the Welsh coast.

Over a week-long trip, you will spend two nights in each destination, combining a climbing day and a free day to explore to your preferences. Pelorus will ensure that for each adventure and experience, you are accompanied by brilliant local guides and experts to make your journey smooth sailing.

Scottish Highlands

Beginning in the Scottish Highlands, a mystical landscape of unspoiled nature with deep blue lochs and empty glens like nowhere else in the country. Stay in a traditional Scottish castle, dating back to 1560 and seeped in history and culture. With a very comfortable interior, containing spiralling staircases and grand halls, this is an authentic experience with a truly magical feel.

Ben Nevis

Boasting the highest mountain in Britain, at 1,345 metres, Ben Nevis is a challenging, yet gratifying climb, rewarding you with sensational views across Scotland’s Highlands. Returning from your climb, sample carefully crafted whisky in the private surroundings of your secluded castle, savouring the robust, full-bodied single malts of the Highlands. The practice of distilling whisky has been a longstanding custom in Scotland for centuries, using the pure spring water from Scotland’s crystal-clear streams and the golden barley from the fields. Following an exquisite dinner prepared by your private chef, relish in the sounds of traditional Scottish music whilst you learn to cèilidh from the comfort of your Great Hall.

Scafell Pike

Drive the sensationally scenic road to the Isles, passing by dramatic hills to sandy beaches and exploring remote wilderness, before continuing south through Glasgow and on to the beautiful Lake District National Park.

At 978 metres, Scafell Pike is a rollercoaster of rocky summits, towering crags and deep ravines. Twist and wind your way up this wild mountain trail, a true challenge, as path transforms from rolling emerald hills to rugged rocky terrain. Reaching the summit, absorb the spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and endless lakes stretching out below you.

The Lake District

As evening falls, under the shadow of Scafell Pike, delight in a freshly prepared dinner spread by your chef, before the light fades and the dramatic dark skies come to life for some sensational star gazing. Away from the bright city lights, the Lake District has some of the darkest skies in the country and as you lie back under blankets, you will gain a stunning perspective of the clear night sky.

With two out of three climbs complete, it is time to revive your aching muscles and relax with a massage or private yoga class, before heading off to complete your final climb. Surrounded by stunning mountain peaks and luscious forests, your yoga session will allow you to connect with the natural environment, whilst working on your strength, digestive system, and relieving stress.


Leaving behind the rolling hills of Yorkshire, take to the road as you head down to Wales, and into Snowdonia, an area steeped in culture and beauty, and the spot of your final climb. At 1,085 metres, Wales’ highest mountain dominates the skyline, awaiting conquer. As you ascend your final peak, valleys, and lakes unfold below you, bringing more striking views to life, colourful alpine flowers surround you, and mountain wildlife grazes nearby.

With the mountains, castles, and coast of Snowdonia, there is plenty of adventure to be had and you can spend your final day simply resting on the glorious coast, or perhaps diving into the waters to learn how to surf.

Welsh Coast

Discover the fresh flavours of the Welsh coast on a remarkable foraging experience. Set out alongside the coast with your expert local guide as you forage for wild delicacies including various shellfish, clams, oysters, as well as, unusual sea vegetables and plants. Once you have gathered your fresh ingredients, you will cook up your feast, to be enjoyed over dinner with matching wine pairings.

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