Bale Mountain Lodge

Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia


Deep within the Bale Mountains National Park, this lodge provides exclusive access to this incredibly diverse landscape. This undulating plateau is marked by numerous glacial lakes and swamps surrounded by higher volcanic ridges and peaks. Spot unique wildlife and hike through the largely untouched Hareena Forest. Bale Mountain Lodge is an incredible blend of conservation and modern comfort blending seamlessly into the abundant forests its nestled in.

Key Features

  • Eleven rooms, each with their own deck
  • Communal dining and living space
  • Fully staffed and catered
  • Guided walks with wildlife experts

To minimise the visual and environmental impact on the surrounding landscape, the lodge has been constructed using local natural materials. Providing a tranquillity with the verdant hills beyond the property. There is a central lodge and an attached dining room which is built in a ‘tukul’ style with a thatched roof and sweeping windows with far-reaching views of the valley and wildlife. All of the eleven guest rooms are spacious and comfortable featuring a wood-burning stove for a warm and cosy atmosphere. There is a nod to Ethiopian style throughout with soft furnishings in vibrant colours against locally sourced stone and sustainable wood. The food is authentic, traditional and wholesome featuring Ethiopian staples and cooked over an open fire.


The lodge operates sustainably with its electricity generated entirely by a 25kW micro-hydro power plant. Water for the lodge is drawn from the river and undergoes slow sand filtration and purification processes. Committed to reducing non-biodegradable waste, the lodge minimizes packaged products, sources food locally, and utilises reusable packaging whenever feasible. Biogas derived from biodegradable waste is utilised for cooking, further enhancing its eco-friendly practices. Additionally, the lodge actively promotes conservation and education initiatives within local communities, fostering a culture of environmental stewardship and awareness.

Why we love it

Engage with the local community and witness a fascinating experience, of the collection of forest honey from canopy beehives. You can taste the honey and even buy it, giving something back to the people living in and around this national park.

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