Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia


Perched above the clouds in the Simien Mountains National Park, Limalimo Lodge feels as though you are on top of the world. The spectacular landscape provides panoramic views featuring jagged mountain peaks, deep valleys and rugged lowlands. Rich in wildlife and biodiversity this is a unique experience to engage and fully immerse yourself in.

Key Features

  • 14 room lodge
  • Fully catered
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Boutique highlighting local artisans and sustainable goods
  • Birdwatching
  • Champagne breakfast in a secluded spot can be arranged

This sustainable, boutique lodge offers a natural and beautifully designed environment in which to explore and educate guests about the Simien Mountains. With fourteen rooms scattered amongst the trees surrounding the main lodge, they are interwoven with winding paths. Comfortable and light, with huge windows to allow the impact of the epic mountain views to take centre stage, they have private bathrooms and king-sized beds. The kitchen prides itself on serving some of Ethiopia’s best food mixed with international cuisine. Dining takes place in the restaurant or on the terrace around an open fire, with sightings of eagles, vultures and gelada monkeys common in the surrounding trees.


The lodge has been constructed with a focus on locally sensitive green technology to minimize its environmental footprint. Waste management practices include treating toilet waste via an on-site biowaste system, utilising greywater for grounds irrigation, and composting kitchen waste whenever possible. Renewable energy sources, including solar power, are prioritized for electricity and hot water heating. Over 150 locals were employed during construction to both support the community and enhance local building skills. Artisan furniture and crafts adorn the property, showcasing local craftsmanship. Efforts are underway to replace non-native tree species with slower-growing native varieties, fostering wildlife habitats and conserving water resources. Additionally, the lodge contributes to conservation efforts by donating ten dollars per guest per night to the African Wildlife Foundation.

Why we love it

A stay at Limalimo is a memorable experience, engage with the local community further and take part in aspects of daily life in a rural Ethiopian village. Witness the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony and taste local cuisine, experience farming, beekeeping and beer making. Allowing a deeper understanding of the benefits the lodge can provide to such remote villages and thrive on the cultural connections, intimate opportunities such as this can bestow.

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