Raw Tribes of Ethiopia's Omo Valley

Join a guide who was born and raised in the Omo and head deep into one of the most culturally-diverse regions on Earth to spend time with various tribes, who live in harmony with their wild surroundings, far from the tourist trail.

When to go
Nov-Mar, June-Sept
From Price
£15,000 PP*
Ideal Length
7 Nights

Experience Highlights

  • Catch a charter flight to a remote runway in the Omo Valley
  • Spend the evening in a Hamar village in the Omo
  • Meet a rarely contacted Mursi tribe
  • Spend time with the Karo tribe

Omo Valley

Begin your Ethiopian adventure as you fly into Addis Ababa. Enjoy the vibrant city with its traditional food scene, wonderful museums, and jazz flowing through the streets. From here, catch a charter flight to a remote runway in the Omo Valley. Meet your Pelorus local guide who was himself born and raised in the Omo, offering you unprecedented access. Spend the evening in a genuine Hamar village in the Omo and gain an authentic insight into the lives of the tribe’s members.

Mursi Tribe

After a traditional breakfast with the Hamar, journey deeper into the heart of the Omo. When you reach the Omo river, board a small boat and head upstream to meet a rarely contacted Mursi tribe. This is as far from the tourist track as you can get. A basic fly camp will be erected, and you can spend the evening dancing, singing, and eating with this extraordinary tribe. The Mursi have their own language and a reputation for being one of the more aggressive African tribes, famous for their stick fighting ceremony – the donga – and their instantly recognisable ‘saucer’ lip plate.

Karo tribe

Bidding farewell to the Mursi, you will journey back down the river to a remote camp situated on the high banks overlooking the Omo River. Here, spend time with the colourful Karo tribe, who paint their bodies and faces with chalk mixed with yellow rock, red iron ore, and charcoal. With them, you will dance, sing and learn the art of body-painting, as well as being given the opportunity to visit the local school. Return from this once in a lifetime experience with a whole new perspective on how we live and interact with the natural world around us. 

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