Faroe Islands: Majestic Waterfalls and Jagged Coastlines

Tucked between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean, this Danish archipelago is a land of unrivalled natural beauty, with majestic waterfalls, windswept mountains, and jagged coastlines.

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Experience Highlights

  • Dive into Arctic waters to explore underwater kelp forests and seaweed gardens, followed by a scenic cruise on a vintage schooner to view the islands' rugged beauty from a different perspective
  • Experience a one-of-a-kind concert inside the sea grotto of Hestoy's caves, accompanied by live music echoing off the rocky ledges
  • Embark on exhilarating hikes among stunning rock formations and sea stacks, complemented by adrenaline-fueled RIB boat rides beneath the Múlafossur waterfall and around Tindhólmur island

Upon arrival in the Faroe Islands, part of the Kingdom of Denmark, you’ll be met by your guide – an impassioned local ready to show you this spectacular place. Once you’re settled into your private house or exclusive hotel – depending on whether a first-class spa or direct access to beautiful remote beaches is more your thing – venture out to start your trip right and sample some of the Faroes’ finest produce. The dining experience is certainly a highlight of the Faroe Islands; expect charming restaurants in old towns, private dinners crafted by local chefs, and intimate meals prepared by a local seafood connoisseur whose food is sought after by a long list of Michelin star chefs around the globe.

Arctic Waters

Rise early and experience the thrill of swimming in Arctic waters as you dive, complete with all the gear, to explore underwater kelp forests and botanic seaweed gardens. Later on, see the islands from a different perspective above water as you cruise past craggy rock formations and windswept cliffs on a traditional, vintage schooner. Escorted by a flock of sea birds above you and with fresh salty air on your skin, the islands will continue to shock you with their beauty from this angle as well as from land.

Caves of Hestoy

In an utterly unique experience, hop onto a smaller vessel to enter a vast sea grotto in the prominent caves of Hestoy, where you will be accompanied by live music – rocky ledges are transformed into makeshift stages as musicians use the acoustics in the cave to perform a concert like none you’ve ever experienced before.

Kalsoy Island

Journey by vintage schooner to the breathtaking Kalsoy Island, best known for its dramatic portrayal in the recent James Bond movie, No Time To Die. From here, hike inland to Kallur Lighthouse and Trøllanes, a blissfully remote village in the north of the island, where you’ll find brightly coloured puffins if you’re lucky and where the surrounding mountains are so high that the sun can’t be seen here during the winter months.

Vagar Islands

Venture on to hike through the natural wonders of Vagar Islands, discovering epic waterfalls and where your guide will recount tales of the Viking Age and how Trælanípa earned its infamous name of slave cliff. Mix up your fine dining experiences with a stop for a picnic lunch of Faroese sushi at the edge of the cliff as you soak up the beauty of this sublime setting.


To get even closer to some of the incredible rock formations and sea stacks you will have seen along the way, intersperse hiking with some adrenaline-fuelled experiences: board a RIB for an exhilarating journey between the Drangarnir sea stacks, around the island of Tindhólmur and beneath the extraordinary Múlafossur waterfall – which is even more stunning in real life. Or, fashion lovers can get stuck in with insight into the Faroese fashion industry in a local knitwear workshop.

Bring your incredible Faroese experience to a fitting end by swapping your two feet for two wheels, discovering the hidden gems of your surroundings by mountain bike. These wondrous and secluded islands are a must-see for those looking to explore the great outdoors and those who appreciate superb food and even better hospitality from the welcoming locals.

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