Unexplored Gabon

On the North-Western coast of Africa, situated along the Equator and with the drama of the Atlantic Ocean hugging its western coastline, Gabon is in a prime position for an abundance of natural beauty. Its geographical location lends itself beautifully to the conditions for abundant wildlife and unspoilt diversity in its interior. Home to thirteen largely unexplored national parks and expansive coastline of untouched tidal beaches and coves it is an off-grid explorer’s paradise. Join the experts at Pelorus on a journey through the highlights encompassing all this stunning region has to offer.

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Experience Highlights

  • Experience the diverse landscapes and wildlife of Loango National Park, guided by Pelorus experts for optimal viewing opportunities.
  • Embark on an unparalleled fishing adventure at Sette Cama
  • Explore Ivindo National Park's Langoué Baï for phenomenal wildlife encounters and conservation insights at the park's research offices.
  • Soar above Kongou Falls in a helicopter for a breathtaking view
  • Experience Lambarene's cultural immersion through Bwiti rituals

Loango National Park

Fly into the heat-soaked streets of Libreville the bustling capital, before being whisked away, travelling alongside the stunning shores as you head south towards your first destination. Loango National Park perches on the pristine beaches before heading into savannah, forests and mangroves further inland. Walk along the salty surf of the white sand beaches and spot the mythic surfing hippos. Other wildlife to spot includes humpback and killer whales on migration in July to September. Elephants may also appear out of the dense vegetation to schlepp along the sands. Loango provides one of the best wildlife-watching destinations on the planet and with Pelorus guides keeping you at a safe distance you will have access to the prime viewing spots and untouched landscape, of this largely unexplored area.

Sette Cama

Seize the day with an early start before dawn to head out on Sette Cama, a massive estuary waterway system, rich in nutrients and abundant in large catch. This is one for the avid saltwater fisherman, with unique species and the beautiful backdrop of the rainforest it creates a wild fishing experience like no other. Species that can be found here include African Threadfin, Cubera, Snapper, Jack Crevalle and Tarpon. You may find the company of buffalo and gorillas from the banks observing your technique, and with a large elephant population settled nearby, you may be lucky enough to observe and be sprayed during bath time.

Ivindo National Park

Venture further inland to the Ivindo National Park, home to the iconic Langoué Baï. Experience the unpredictability of this forest clearing as you wait for the arrival sounds of the morning chorus of the day’s inhabitants. Strongly protected due to its sheer biodiversity of species by the Gabonese National Parks Agency, visit their research offices for an insight into the conservation efforts of the park rangers. Wildlife spotting here is phenomenal with elephants frequenting the baï, as well as Sitatunga, Western lowland Gorillas, Forest Buffalo and Red River Hog.

Kongou Falls

Take a helicopter over the park to see the variations in vegetation and savannah plain, as well as the canopy of the rainforest, the magnificent birds eye view only hinting at the treasures below the treetops. View the Kongou Falls the mist spraying into your face, a massive cataract 3.2 kilometres wide and 56m tall, one of the strongest-flowing waterfalls in the world stare in awe at the sheer power of the cascades from the safety of the sky.


Depart from the rainforests for a stay in the small village of Lambarene, home to the famous Albert Schweitzer Hospital and surrounded by natural lakes and the Ogooue river it is a destination full of serenity as well culture and authenticity. While staying here, share a unique opportunity in experiencing the Bwiti rituals. Sit on the periphery in hidden temples while the Punu and Mitsogo peoples undergo this spiritual discipline using the root bark of the Iboga plant in the rites of ancestral worship during these rites of passage ceremony. Marvel at the movement and vibrancy shrouded in mysticism, it is a powerful experience that you are unlikely to ever forget.

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