Euphoria Retreat

Mystras, Greece 


Set in a dramatic landscape of astonishing natural beauty, punctuated by ancient and medieval landmarks, Euphoria Retreat sits, exuding tranquillity and peace. Immerse yourself in the heart of this mythical Greek landscape, where the only instruction is surrender to utter relaxation.

Key Features

  • Choice of 45 rooms and suites
  • GAIA restaurant
  • Four-level spa with extensive facilities including ice fountain, Byzantine Hammam, steam room and experiential showers
  • Unique hydrotherapy Sphere Pool
  • Fitness room
  • Cookery lessons
  • Personal dietary plans available

Carved into the mountainside, the four-storey spa is quite literally immersed in nature. A spiral staircase connects the levels, surrounding a 25 metre deep water well sitting at its core. The gentle curve of the cream arches and majestic dome create an aura of calm and reflection, while the array of treatment rooms is nothing short of spectacular. Let any tension melt away as you inhale the fragrant air of the steam room, or flush polluting toxins from your system in the baking heat of the sauna. Tailormade wellness plans fuse ancient Hellenic and Chinese philosophies, creating a holistic healing journey for body, mind and soul.

Sit under the dappled shade of Mulberry Trees and soak up panoramic views of citrus groves and mountains, while dining on wholesome cuisine, designed to nourish and rejuvenate. Seasonal, local produce, packed with antioxidants and nutrients, is prepared in conjunction with the retreat’s ethos of health and healing. Chefs and nutritionists are on hand to share not just their knowledge, but also their cooking skills, in the specially designed kitchen. They, along with the rest of the impeccable team, will ensure every detail of your stay is personalised according to your wishes.

The region’s rich Byzantine history is echoed in the deep reds, yellows and golds which appear subtly in the elegant furnishings throughout the interior. Calming neutral tones contrast with splashes of warm, patterned textiles thrown over large four poster beds. Spacious rooms look out onto breathtaking views of the castle and valley of Mystras, the perfect place to read, journal, or simply sit and reflect at the end of your day. 

Why we love it

Euphoria Retreat’s facilities are not just diverse, but also truly unique, not least the iconic Sphere Pool. Inspired by local architecture, the polished stone dome rises from the warmly lit water, forming gentle arches under which to swim, immersing yourself in total tranquillity. Let soothing music and whale song wash over you as you bask under this exceptional creation, clearing your mind and replenishing your energy.

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