Dolomites, Italy


A former royal sanatorium turned cure-all hideaway, Forestis boasts jaw-dropping views of the Dolomites from every angle. With modern architecture, minimalist style and floor-to-ceiling windows, the combination of these elements brings the natural environment in, and creates a regenerative haven in the middle of the mountains.

Key Features

  • 62 Suites: 20 suites in the landmark building, 40 Tower Suites, and 2 Penthouse Suites
  • Activities include paragliding, horse riding, e-biking, rafting, and hiking
  • An incredible spa drawing on the wisdom of the Celts and the surrounding environment
  • A spectacularly located bar, serving unique drinks that celebrate the produce of the area through finishing touches such as berries and fir needles

Located 1,800 meters above sea level in a densely wooded area, Forestis has its head well and truly in the clouds. In this particularly scenic patch of the Dolomites, Forestis is a unique one-of-a-kind building that has been designed in harmony with the outside (think stone, wood, and glass). With nature all around, pure spring water, and fresh mountain air, this is the perfect place to relax.

The suites bring nature into each room, with natural materials and a minimalist style reflecting the peace of the forest. Each room boasts dreamy views and is flooded with light, but it’s the penthouse suite that’s the star of the show. Its tower position affords it spectacular panoramas, with an open fireplace and personal bar, as well as a sauna and private pool with a view of the Dolomites.

The main building – designed as a sanatorium for the Austrian monarchy and then used as the Vatican’s summer retreat – houses the lobby, restaurant and bar.


The food at Forestis follows the philosophy that nutrition is the core of life, and the chefs seek inspiration from the surrounding landscape by using seasonal ingredients. Blending traditional and modern methods to create works of gourmet art, many ingredients (mushrooms, berries, nuts, seeds, pine) are foraged locally, and there are no ingredients from outside Italy.

The space-age high-rise is where you’ll find the spa and fitness centre, tower suites, and rooftop bar.

The Forestis Spa takes its inspiration from the natural phenomena and the wisdom of the Celts, who developed their vast knowledge of healing in these forests and mountains. Spreading over two levels in one of the towers, the glass-fronted spa has incredible views to further instil relaxation. There’s a large pool, filled with natural spring water, which is swim-in, swim-out, as well as seven saunas. Treatments tap into the frequencies and healing properties of local mountain and stone pines, spruce and larch, allowing the body to regenerate deeply and effectively.


Activities at Forestis ensure you get plenty of time outdoors in the year-round temperate climate, breathing in the fresh mountain air. The hotel is fully ski-in, ski-out so enjoy the hotel’s prime location on a slope in the Plose ski resort. Guided hikes will take you through the forests where (for the brave) you can stop at a nearby lake for wild swimming. Or, take to the skies as you go paragliding. Communing with nature is at the heart of Forestis, who offer forest bathing, opportunities to go foraging with the chef, and wyda (a Celtic form of yoga).


Forestis harmoniously coexists with nature by employing sustainable practices, including the use of wooden pellets for heating, sourcing all water from a pure spring, locally foraging for food, and maintaining a zero-waste kitchen. The construction of the towers was achieved with carbon-neutral methods, utilizing all-natural materials from the surrounding area, and demonstrating a commitment to environmental conservation by replanting two saplings for every tree felled. As an additional eco-friendly initiative, for each day a guest presses the 'no housekeeping' button, the hotel pledges to plant a tree as a reward for their contribution to sustainability.

Why we love it

Once a curative health centre for past royals, this retreat in the clouds is still just as wellness-focused. Dedicated to recharging guests, the views of the Dolomites and the divine spa, coupled with the back-to-nature approach, can’t fail to rejuvenate.

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