Hoshinoya Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan


A Zen retreat accessible only by boat, Hoshinoya Kyoto is a haven of serenity on the banks of the Oi River. Escape from the stresses of modern life as you relax into this peaceful verdant setting.

Key Features

  • Number of guest pavilions; traditional kimonos provided
  • Activities include hiking, meditation sessions, Kado lessons, riverboat trips
  • Spa and wellness pavilion; restaurant and bar
  • Beautifully landscaped gardens


Only accessible by boat, these 25 elegantly built rooms are reminiscent of cedar, with delicately carved shining wooden floors, walls covered with Katakami wallpaper featuring gold patterns that change throughout the day, and large glass windows revealing the beautiful landscapes and spacious bathrooms. Though furnished with contemporary comforts, the pavilions maintain the sense of sophistication cultivated by Suminokura. The king-sized beds offer you the most luxurious sleep with a comfortable sofa close by for you to look out into the Arashiyama wilderness. From the iron lanterns that light the moss-traced stone walkways to the lashed bamboo fences, every detail has been considered. 


The Japanese dining experience at Hozugawa is exquisite. Defined by the seasons, the menu reflects the local surroundings with a touch of western cuisine designed to stimulate and surprise. Breakfast can either be traditional Japanese hot vegetable broth or you can opt for an American-style breakfast. There is also a full room service menu if you fancy an evening of privacy, eating from the comfort of your pavilions using the raw-silk robes provided. 


Head down to the traditional Kyoto spa and immerse yourself into a state of complete serenity intending to cleanse and revitalise, then take yourself down to the Zen rock garden and look up into the star-filled night sky. To fully experience the true Kyoto, try your hand at meditation with an expert and fully engage you with the culture and nature of your surroundings.  

Why we love it

To fully immerse yourself into the culture, try a digital detox to get away from stressful modern life. Spend two days reconnecting with yourself and your surroundings with stretching exercises, morning zen meditation, incense ceremonies, and houseboat rides down the serene river. You will leave feeling completely re-energised. 

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