Anjajavy Lodge

Anjajavy Peninsula, Madagascar


Located on an isolated peninsula in North-West Madagascar lies a secret haven of serenity. Home to an abundance of endemic wildlife, verdant jungles and pristine beaches. Madagascar is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts seeking to discover the untouched beauty. Engage with local guides who know the coastline, surrounding nature and wildlife better than anyone.

Key Features

  • Secret paths leading to 7 creeks
  • Magical gardens with a majestic pond
  • Spacious authentic villas
  • Exquisite onsite restaurant
  • 200 metre infinity pool
  • Hiking tours along coastlines and through forests
  • Activities include fishing, waterskiing, snorkelling, kayaking on the sea or in the mangroves, private boat trip excursions


The accommodation boasts a collection of spacious, rosewood villas that overlook the spectacular coastline. The décor is authentic and commodious with fresh, crisp linen sheets on the king-sized bed. Each villa contains its own private, expansive terrace with enchanting views across the sea, providing a tranquil setting for relaxing with a cocktail at the end of an adventure filled day. For ultimate privacy, we recommend staying in one of the premium lodges which offers a stunning view of the crystal blue sea waters with no onlookers, allowing you to escape into a serene environment and enjoy the charm of Madagascar.  


The dining experience at Anjajavy Lodge is sublime, with fresh seafood caught straight from the ocean and locally sourced produce cultivated by nearby farmers. Alongside the spectacular restaurant setting, you can delight in a private dinner served by candlelight on the beach or in the breathtakingly beautiful Oasis magic garden.  


Surrounded by pristine mangroves, luscious rainforest and a vibrant underwater world, Anjajavy offers countless experiences including close encounters with indigenous lemurs, water skiing and intimate meetings with local communities. With sustainability at the heart of the hotel, you can get involved with the giant tortoise conservation program, helping to protect and rewild this rare species.


The lodge plays a pivotal role in conservation efforts, co-managing a 9,773-hectare protected area and spearheading projects such as species reintroduction. It prioritizes environmental education for children and actively supports reforestation, having planted 70,000 native trees and 200,000 mangroves. Additionally, it finances local entrepreneurship initiatives and employs nearly 100 locals while providing essential medical services to nearby communities through its health centre.

Why we love it

A perfect combination of beach and wildlife, which you can find nowhere else in the world. We recommend heading to the beach for sunset cocktails and dinner,  whilst being entertained by traditional music and dancing.

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