Highlands and Islands of Malawi

Offering a fabulous combination of bush and beach, the wonderful nation of Malawi is small but certainly mighty. Home to superb scenery, dramatic escarpments, red soils, abundant wildlife and an iconic freshwater lake which covers most of the country. Expect the warmest of welcomes from this country, well-known as 'the warm heart of Africa.'

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Experience Highlights

  • Visit the Satemwa Tea Estate for a hands-on experience with locals who craft superior tea and coffee
  • Discover Liwonde National Park's wildlife, history, and conservation efforts through helicopter rides, talks, and safaris
  • Explore Lake Malawi, "The Lake of Stars," via helicopter to Likoma Island for tranquil villages, quad biking, and underwater wonders, offering a serene escape after safari adventures
  • Conclude in Nyika National Park, with its unique upland environment, diverse wildlife, and thrilling activities like horseback riding

Thyolo Tea Estates

Commence your Malawian adventure in the scenically beautiful southern Thyolo Tea Estates. Overlooking the luscious Lower Shire Valley, visit the popular Satemwa Tea Estate for a hands-on experience with locals who craft this superior tea and coffee. Make your own tea and roast your own coffee as you learn their story, the history of Satemwa, and how it contributes to the environment and local communities. Receive a pleasant guided walk through the wild coffee fields or hop on a mountain bike to explore the surrounding trails. For an added thrill, shoot around the picturesque area on off-road mountain bikes to observe more tea country. Pelorus will take you off the beaten tourist trail to Mount Mulanje, Malawi’s striking highest peak. On your mountain walk enjoy private spots for a secluded experience, marvel at the diverse vegetation and look out for resident black eagles and klipspringers.

Liwonde National Park

Journey north to Liwonde National Park, home to brilliant wildlife viewing including the rare and critically endangered black rhino. Aboard a helicopter for a world-class opportunity to fly over the park, viewing the African bush from a different perspective. Gain an intriguing insight into the park’s history, conservation work and how it has transformed into a first-class safari destination. Receive a captivating talk from African Parks about the organisation’s impact on Liwonde. Learn about the famous movement of 500 elephants to a new home in Malawi; one of the most significant translocations in human history.

Liwonde National Park

As well as traditional 4x4 game drives, take to the water on a boat safari for a memorable opportunity to be close to hippos, crocodiles and wonderful birdlife. Accompanied by a professional guide, swap the engine rumble for a more peaceful safari experience as you explore the park on foot. Become increasingly educated as you appreciate the smaller flora and fauna that make up this diverse ecosystem.

'The Lake of Stars'

Famously named 'The Lake of Stars,' Lake Malawi is undoubtedly the country’s most exquisite gem with glittering waters and surprisingly white sand. A heli will fly you to the remote Likoma Island, a blissful land well worth exploring. Boasting lakeshore fishing villages and an unspoiled landscape, Likoma’s slow pace of life provides an idyllic location to relax after your busy safari. Cruise around the island on quad bikes, visit various quaint villages selling artisan crafts and soak up the superb scenery.

'The Lake of Stars'

Enjoy a Sunday Service at St Peter’s Cathedral where the phenomenal choir will perform, before climbing the clock tower for endless vistas across the island. Observe the glorious underwater world whilst scuba diving or snorkelling and marvel at the myriad of colourful cichlid fish. While away your days kayaking, paddle boarding, water skiing or hop on a private boat for exclusive trips around the lake.

Nyika National Park

Your time in Malawi ends in Nyika National Park, an upland environment unlike anywhere in southern Africa where rolling hills and evergreen forest extend across the immense granitic Nyika Plateau. Witness excellent wildlife roam beautiful montane grasslands, herbs and heather and see rare orchids burst to life in the rainy season.

Nyika Landscape

Traverse Nyika’s breathtaking landscape in 4x4 vehicles, by foot or on mountain bikes as you explore the park’s 'magic lake,”'trout pools, neolithic rock shelter and numerous waterfalls. For an unforgettable wildlife experience, ride through the landscape on horseback for unique, up-close encounters with animals including zebra, eland and roan antelope.

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