Shark Diving in Baja California

Discover why legendary French explorer Jacques Cousteau dubbed the Sea of Cortez in Baja California ‘the world’s aquarium’, as an expert guide brings you face-to-face to Mexico’s most magnificent marine wildlife.

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Experience Highlights

  • Explore the Sea of Cortez, known as 'the world's aquarium', with expert guides leading encounters with humpback whales, sharks, grey whales, and whale sharks
  • Fly to Magdalena Bay for intimate interactions with friendly grey whales, showcasing their remarkable recovery from near extinction
  • Dive to swim with whale sharks and playful sea lions around Los Isolates island, offering thrilling underwater experiences
  • Conclude with an exhilarating off-road buggy ride through Baja's mountainous terrain and coastline for an adrenaline-packed finale

Above and Underwater Encounters

The plethora of pelagic life in Mexico’s Baja California makes for the incredible underwater and above water encounters. With each water outing, you will set out to sea on board your luxury vessel, alongside your private guide and marine expert. Begin the adventure heading deeper into the ocean, far removed from the typical tourist track, searching for the immense humpback whales as they jump and flip out of the water, putting on a spectacular show.

Blue and Mako Sharks

After a fresh lunch on board your luxury vessel, speed along the coast searching for encounters with mysterious blue and mako sharks, with your highly-experienced trackers. Once found, it’s time to embrace your adventurous nature and dive into the water alongside them. This close encounter will put the negative reputation of these fantastic creatures to rest as you see their inquisitive nature.

Magdalena Bay

Take a private charter flight to Magdalena Bay, an extraordinary spot which has become the favoured playground of the captivating grey whales and their calves. What makes this experience particularly special is the curious custom of these whales to crave human attention as they swim up to your boat, getting close enough to touch. Spend the afternoon delighting in these playful encounters with these incredible mammals that are the only whales to have returned from the brink of extinction, each year growing in numbers.

Diving with Whale Sharks

Time to tick off another bucket-list experience today, as you delve into the water to swim with the ocean’s largest filter feeder, the whale shark. Enormous in size, whale sharks can grow up to 20 metres with mouths as wide as 1.5 metres. Despite their size they make amiable swimming companions, feeding only upon microscopic plankton. Another playful swimming companion are the curious brown sea lions that inhabit the small island of Los Isolates. Underwater these speedy animals will sweep gracefully below you, flipping and splashing as they please.

Road Buggies

Back on land you can race $100,000 purpose-built off-road buggies over the most challenging and exciting mountainous terrain. You’ll soar over ridges and tackle a tight mountain trail with huge drop offs, before heading down the stunning Baja coastline.

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