Nomadic Life in Traditional Mongolia

One of the world’s last untouched wilderness, Mongolia is a mesmerising country of spectacular nature and unique culture. With glorious countryside, tranquil mountains and calm lakes, Mongolia holds a unique and unexplored beauty. Discover unique cultures, authentic traditions and surprising adventure.

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Experience Highlights

  • Venture into the wilderness, greeted warmly by local nomadic Mongolians in Bayandelger, where you'll experience their traditional lifestyle and deep connection with nature
  • Immerse yourself in Mongolian festivals featuring unique traditions, from traditional concerts to star-gazing under the brilliant night sky with a Pelorus astronomer
  • Embark on an epic off-roading adventure across diverse landscapes, concluding in the vast Gobi Desert where you'll hike towering dunes and sandboard down while marveling at the sunset
  • Fly to the Altai Mountains to meet Kazakh Mongolian Eagle Hunter Botei and his family, experiencing the ancient art of eagle hunting and exploring the unique culture of the region, including a chance to search for snow leopards

Starting your journey in the capital city, travel out into the wilderness on dune buggies and horseback, riding through rivers, to reach the small village of Bayandelger where you will be warmly greeted by the local nomadic Mongolians. These people continue to preserve the nomadic way of life, connecting with the nature and wildlife around them. Your hosts Oidov and Gerlee will demonstrate the famous Mongolian hospitality which knows no bounds. Originating from a culture of travellers crossing long distances, a nomad is guaranteed warm hospitality from strangers whenever they visit. You will be able to experience this lifestyle through interactions with the locals which provides an insightful and educational experience.

Mongolian Festivals

Mongolian festivals take place throughout the year, and no matter the time of year you visit, they will be celebrating with bizarre, yet enticing, traditions. Experience a traditional concert from contortionists, throat singers and moriin khuur players as you are mesmerised by these performers. In the evening, you will feast on a freshly prepared dinner in your cosy traditional gers. In this remote wilderness, the lack of light pollution makes for brilliant star-gazing and your expert Pelorus astronomer will bring the constellations to alive for you through the magnificent telescope allowing you to explore the stunning night sky.

Gobi Desert

Discover the diversity of Mongolia’s breath-taking landscapes on an epic off-roading adventure, crossing vast steppe, rolling dunes and soaring mountains. Test your driving skills in difficult terrain crossings, driving through rivers, marshland and deep gorges. End your journey in the immense Gobi Desert, hiking to the top of the towering dunes where you will gain immense views of the surrounding landscape and the sunset as the colour changes across the sand. To return, you will glide back down the dunes on sandboards as you marvel at the famous singing sound filling the air around you. Return to your camp by camel, in an authentic Mongolian experience.

Altai Mountains

Continue your adventure, flying to the Altai Mountains in Western Mongolia where the Kazakh Mongolians reside. You will meet the highly respected Eagle Hunter Botei and his family, who will be hosting you in traditional Kazakh gers and teaching you the art of the famous Eagle Hunting and the difference between Mongolian and Kazakh culture and etiquette.

Eagle Hunting

The ancient art of eagle hunting has been practiced by Kazakh Mongolians for thousands of years, and you will gain an exclusive view of this exhilarating sport. You will be mesmerised by the skills of the hunters and the speed of their majestic golden eagles as you admire the relationship between these birds and their masters. After an inspiring demonstration, adorn some traditional furs and mount your horses, as you set out with the Kazakh to prepare you for your very own eagle hunt.

Snow Leopards

Embark upon an early morning hike to search for the elusive snow leopards at the foothills of the Altai Mountains. Pelorus can arrange special access for you to join WWF rangers for a unique opportunity to go in search of this mysterious cat in the remote Khatu Valley. Follow in the tracks of any territorial markings and pawprints you may discover. Set up motion sensory cameras that will allow these conservationists to monitor the snow leopards' movements and contribute to vital research. As well as the snow leopard, the area is home to argali sheep, siberian Ibex, saiga antelope, grey wolf and corsac fox.

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