Benguerra Island, Mozambique



Hidden on the southern tip of the lush Benguerra Island, Kisawa is a cultural celebration and environmental conservation paradise waiting to be discovered. Using pioneering 3D printing technology, Kisawa Sanctuary is a unique and innovative retreat.

Key Features

  • 12 unique palm thatched bungalows
  • Private swimming pools
  • Exclusive beachfront access and outstanding views
  • Seamless indoor and outdoor living spaces
  • Seven distinct dining venues


On the eastern coast of Africa, a mere 14 kilometres off Mozambique and part of the Bazaruto Archipelago, Kisawa sits among some of the richest and least explored subtropical ecosystems in the Indian Ocean. A charming combination of 12 one-, two- and three-bedroom bungalows, positioned within a 300 hectare stretch of pristine forest, white beach, and sand dunes, each residence has its own private waterfront, open-air deck, infinity pool, outdoor day area and kitchen. Led by the aim of creating a positive impact for the people of Mozambique and Beguerra Island, Kisawa merges into its natural surroundings and complements the communities that live on the island.


Pairing innovation with simple traditions, Kisawa has embraced skilled local artisans from all over Benguerra Island to create bespoke sandy palleted interiors under palm thatched roofs. Featuring whitewashed walls, flowing drapes, and desert-coloured plump furnishings, with generous living rooms, king bedrooms, dressing rooms, joint bathrooms and individual powder rooms, every architectural decision has been carefully made, blending the property in with the natural landscape.


Within Kisawa, retreat to the spa and indulge in a specialist treatment, utilising rituals rooted in the natural elements. As the sun sets, head to one of the seven dining venues, sinking your toes into pearl white sands or absorbing sea views from an open deck. Taste bright and succulent Mozambique cuisine with signature dishes based on fresh homegrown flavours over an open fire.


Whether it be a yoga class at dawn on the red dune or scuba diving amongst vibrant coral, Kisawa specialises in pairing an active body with a peaceful mind. Try your hand at body boarding, and paddle boarding before diving into the ocean for some exotic snorkelling.


Kisawa incorporates locally sourced produce and ingredients into its offerings while actively supporting the community on Beguerra Island. Through collaborations with its not-for-profit sister property, Kisawa contributes to international scientific programs and environmental initiatives, demonstrating a commitment to both local and global sustainability efforts.

Why we love it

Unearth the wealth of experiences this small island has to offer, each setting it further apart as an unforgettable African destination. Discover immaculate reefs in the Indian ocean and embark on mainland day trips for up-close encounters with the Madagascar’s renowned lemurs.

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