Minaret Station Alpine Lodge

Wanaka, New Zealand


Remotely positioned in a high alpine meadow surrounded by incredible views, Minaret Station Alpine Lodge is one of the most secluded and private luxury lodges in the world.

Key Features

  • Four private chalets located at the head of a remote and picturesque glacial valley
  • Accessible only by helicopter, and most of the activities at the lodge involve a helicopter trip including heli-skiing, fly fishing and tours of the national parks
  • Fresh, locally sourced food is a focus, much of it coming from the farm itself. Excellent wines are served, adding another element to an adventure-focused destination


There are few places quite like this in the world. Bordered by national parks, mountains and Lake Wanaka, Alpine Lodge is accessible only by helicopter. Offering guests a taste of New Zealand’s great outdoors, there are just four chalets providing the opportunity to enjoy some of life’s most precious elements: time, fresh air and open space, all whilst creating lasting memories.


Minaret is as lavish as it is remote. Whilst luxurious, it’s a relaxed environment consisting of a main lodge and four chalets. Each chalet features king-size or twin beds, with ensuite bathrooms and a hot tub perfectly placed on each private deck to enjoy the incredible views.

Inside the main lodge you’ll find the kitchen, a dining room with a communal atmosphere (guests all gather around one table, but you can also have dinner served privately in your room), as well as an inviting flagstone fireplace to gather around in the lounge. The well-stocked bar, reading room with wood-burning stove and the library all add to the feeling that you’ve just stepped into your home-away-from-home. 

What makes this property unique?

However, it it is truly the once-in-a-lifetime experiences that set this property apart. There are no roads here, and so you will take to the skies in a helicopter to be transported to some of the world’s most untouched locations. Here, there are no beaten tracks at all, and you will have the chance to discover the beauty of Fiordland, Milford Sound, and the many other national parks, all by air. Up the adventure with backcountry fly fishing, heli-skiing, hiking and mountain biking, and if that isn’t enough, touch down for a jaw-dropping, ridge-top champagne toast to end what is bound to have been a magnificent stay. 


Minaret haven’t let their remoteness compromise on their cuisine, taking true pride in their produce which by and large comes from the working farm. From the heli picnics (the pilot will barbecue the station’s own lamb or fresh fish for you) to the extravagant multi-course dinners, this is a gourmand’s paradise.


Minaret Station has invested in a range of different sustainability efforts and commitments to safeguard the future of the awe-inspiring landscapes and biodiversity that surround this breathtaking lodge. Minaret Station has signed the Tourism Sustainability Commitment (a New Zealand Tourism Industry initiative), partnered with companies to eliminate single-use plastics from all their experiences and joined a social initiative committed to protecting New Zealand’s cultural heritage for future generations.

On-site the lodge uses a variety of different initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint, predominantly using hydroelectricity generated from a nearby waterfall. Minaret Station sources all of its produce from the Wanaka region, working closely with local growers and farmers they know and trust. Supplies are transported onto the property via helicopter, and laundry is done off-site, ensuring a very low footprint at the location itself.

Why we love it

This is unquestionably one of the world’s most private and geographically spectacular locations. Among the wilds of the Southern Alps, the lodge maintains a warm and welcoming feel for adventure-loving travellers. Only accessible by helicopter, this family-owned and run property provides an exclusive and authentic experience, with decades of experience guiding guests in otherwise inaccessible terrain.

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