Hidden Secrets of the Azores Islands

Explore the exposed tips of underwater mountains where a largely undiscovered paradise awaits. Teeming with places that will leave you breathless, the islands of the Azores are utterly alluring, evolving to be one of Europe’s great island adventures. With a volcanic history, picture an archipelago of incredible diversity, fertile landscapes, vivid crater lakes and unspoiled nature; each island offering something a little different.

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Experience Highlights

  • Begin in the bustling city of Lisbon and then travel south to the picturesque region of Alentejo
  • Visit São Lourenço do Barrocal and be greeted by an exquisite farm-to-table dinner at a family-run local farm
  • The rich and fruitful vineyards of Alentejo offer unrivalled wine tasting experiences
  • Take to the skies in a wonderful hot air balloon ride that will showcase the beauty of the region
  • At night, soak in the views of the Milky Way and other constellations, accompanied by the world-renowned Portuguese astrophotographer, Mr. Miguel Claro
  • Travel south to the sprawling coastal region of Algarve

São Miguel

Begin your trip on the largest island of the Azores, São Miguel, also known as ‘Green Island’ due to its verdant terrain and heavenly vistas. Embark on a journey to one of Portugal’s seven natural wonders, Sete Cidades, a quintessentially rural village set amongst the caldera’s fairy tale landscape. Admire astonishing panoramic views over twin lakes where a myriad of gorgeous colours greet you. Walk the circuit of the fringed crater rim before stopping at pineapple plantations to taste and observe how the tropical fruit is grown.

São Miguel

Following a leisurely morning, venture to São Miguel’s northeast region for wilder, more dramatic landscapes. Here lies the hidden Ribeira dos Caldeirões, an Azorean protected area boasting an abundance of vibrant flora. In an adrenaline-fuelled canyoning experience, uncover a natural water park as you rappel waterfalls, descend streams and leap from rocks.

Lake Fogo

Explore the tranquil shores and swim in the waters of Lake Fogo before discovering the otherworldly geothermal spot of Furnas Valley. Here, you can observe the celebrated Furnas stew slow-cooked underground using only volcanic vapours, and delight in a local lunch of traditional delicacies. Famed for its extraordinary collection of native plants, Terra Nostra botanical garden is one of Europe’s most beautiful and home to a unique experience. Bathe in an iron-rich thermal pool, formed from volcanic springs and soak up the picturesque surroundings.

Pico Island

After a short flight over the archipelago, arrive at Pico Island, a land dominated by Portugal’s highest point, a striking volcano. Labelled one of the world’s largest whale sanctuaries, the Azores is a first-class destination for cetacean observation. Accompanied by an expert marine biologist, go in search of some of the 25 species and gain an educational understanding throughout. During this memorable experience, high standards of safety and consideration for the animals and their natural habitat are undertaken.

Pico Island

For the ultimate hiking adventure, ascend Mount Pico in darkness to receive rare moments of beauty as the sun rises above the horizon. Gain a fascinating insight into the genesis of the islands and their volcanic biodiversity before reaping staggering views from the summit. At 2351m above sea level, Pelorus can arrange an exclusive wild camping experience atop the volcano. Moments like this, shared between you and the wilderness, will stay with you forever.

Gruta das Torres

Swap your hiking boots for two wheels as you cycle from Madalena village to Pico’s peculiar vineyards located in black lava grounds. Despite the hostile environment of volcanic eruptions and landslides, amazingly Pico’s earliest settlers not only adapted, but thrived. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the surreal combination of dark molten stones and exotic flowers create mesmerising visuals that will leave you captivated for hours. For an unforgettable underground experience, let yourself be enveloped in the island’s secret lagoons and hidden caves as you adventure through Gruta das Torres, one of the longest lava tubes on the planet. Here, you will witness Pico Island in its purest state of preservation.

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