Discover Rwanda's Endearing Primates

Explore this majestic land home to countless mountains, mystical forests and observe the charismatic primates that inhabit. Prepare for mesmerising wildlife encounters unlike any other as you interact with the primates in these unforgettable experiences.

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Experience Highlights

  • Fly via heli from Kigali to the Volcanoes National Park
  • Embark on exclusive gorilla tracking in the Volcanoes National Park
  • Encounter endangered gorillas amidst stunning landscapes and vibrant birdlife
  • Trace the footsteps of Dian Fossey on a rewarding trek to her tomb
  • Observe the spectacular Mount Bisoke volcano and look out for native creatures including forest hogs and elephants
  • Travel to one of the oldest rainforests in Africa; Nyungwe National Park.


Commence your journey in Kigali, an attractive capital city that has been at the heart of Rwanda’s nation-building efforts since the devastating genocide of 1994. Now clean, safe, and wonderfully cosmopolitan, Kigali is a great base from where you will fly via heli to the Volcanoes National Park. From above, gaze at the breath-taking Virunga volcano range before you embrace the remote haven that awaits. Settle into your luxury accommodation for the evening and take in the wonderful flora and fauna that surrounds.

Gorilla Tracking Experience

Accompanied by expert rangers and conservationists, weave along wild trails as you embark on your once-in-a-lifetime gorilla tracking experience. With special access arranged, you will receive a wonderfully private encounter with these highly endangered creatures. Sit amongst the primates, listen to their sounds, and marvel at the sheer size of the dominant male, the silverback. This is a humbling adventure and an extraordinary feeling knowing you are with a few of the last remaining gorillas on Earth. Your trek will also open your eyes to outstanding landscapes and terrain with wonderful Rwandan birds dancing above you.

Golden Monkeys

As you head deeper into the heart of the jungle, your next encounters will broaden your knowledge of primates, whilst providing a captivating experience. Become educated in the work carried out to protect the primates and venture further through the trees in search of golden monkeys which are endemic to these high-altitude forests. Tracking these monkeys leads you along the foot of volcanoes as you follow fresh leftovers of bamboo.

Golden Monkeys

Spend memorable time with this inquisitive species watching them graze, socialise, and leap dramatically through the branches. Embark on a rewarding trek to the tomb of Dian Fossey where you will learn about the life and legacy of this great primatologist who devoted herself to the conservation of rare mountain gorillas and their habitat. Observe the spectacular Mount Bisoke volcano and look out for native creatures including forest hogs and elephants.

Nyungwe National Park

Travel south to one of the oldest rainforests in Africa; Nyungwe National Park. The heart of the forest is truly magical – picture ancient mahoganies, tall ebonies, and giant tree ferns looming above with pretty orchids clinging to branches. Entering the forest in the dark of night, take a guided chimpanzee trek into the wilderness and move with them through the trees. Hugely rich in biodiversity, notice sensational birdlife, butterflies, and various primates as you soak up this primal atmosphere. Walk to the lsumo waterfall or along the canopy walk suspension bridge to explore more of the national park.

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