Idyllic Islands of São Tomé and Príncipe

The islands of São Tomé and Príncipe largely untouched and unexplored hold a magical charm. Covered with a rich velvet forest and lush tropical jungles and packed with high levels of endemism with rare bird and plant species, a true paradise for wildlife lovers and botanists. Fringed palm trees line the awe-inspiring sandy beaches with deep blue waters that are bursting with tropical marine life. Immerse yourself into the culture and grab the raw opportunity to interact with island residents and learn about their rich European and African heritage. These islands are emerging as a very interesting new frontier in ecotourism with hotels offering utmost comfort amongst the unexplored wilderness.

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14 Nights

Experience Highlights

  • Trek through the lush rainforest of Obo National Park to the foot of Pico do São Tomé, encountering endemic species
  • Dive into the vibrant marine life of Lagoa Azul, a diving hotspot boasting coral reefs and diverse aquatic species in the Gulf of Guinea
  • Fly to Principe and stay at Bom-Bom Resort, nestled in lush surroundings
  • Witness sea turtle spawning and explore the island's organic plantations and stunning viewpoints with a local guide
  • Experience Sundy Praia Lodge's coastal charm, surrounded by beaches and perfect for boat trips and exploration

Omali Lodge

Upon landing at Sao Tome airport, you will transfer by private car to your hotel Omali Lodge. Experience an appealing oasis on the shores of Lagarto Beach, a short distance from the cultural attractions of São Tomé City. Settle into Omali’s comforts – a fabulous place to first base yourself when exploring this exciting equatorial island. Explore the capital city where you’ll find a rich cultural history with an extraordinary collection of colonial buildings with vibrant markets, fascinating museums line the port with exhibits that will tell you stories of colonial times, slavery, voodoo, and facts about the turtle population.

Central Inland Sao Tomé

Head out on a day trip to explore central inland Sao Tomé where you’ll explore the beautiful countryside. Start the day at the Monte Café, an old restored coffee plantation, and a museum where you can sample the delicious local coffee. You’ll learn the difference between Arabica and Robusta beans cultivated by the renowned Claudio Coralla.  You’ll then drive to the impressively beautiful Cascata Sao Nicolao waterfall, a narrow fall immersed in the Sao Tome jungle where you can dip your feet into the chilled mountain water. Delight in lunch with a view overlooking the tropical jungle canopy whilst dining on local delicious home-cooked cuisines. 

Obo National Park

Head out inland to the tropical rainforest around the Obo National Park where you’ll embark on a three day-jungle trek which will take you up to the foot of the island's highest peak, Pico do São Tomé, reaching a towering height of 2024m. Trek through the vivid green, lush volcanic slopes and spot endemic species, including rare birds and monkeys. To unwind after the long trek, you’ll be greeted at the beautiful Roca Santo Antonio Ecolodge where you can relax with all the usual comforts combined with delicious homemade cuisine. 

Lagoa Azul

With the surrounding areas bursting with wildlife both on land and underwater, head to Lagoa Azul, the Blue Lagoon, for an exceptional diving experience. Due to the islands’ equatorial locations, you can find fantastic dive conditions all year round.  The coastal waters fall within the Gulf of Guinea, a marine biodiversity hotspot, where you’ll discover vibrant coral reefs hosting tropical fish species, rays, moray eels, gorgonian sea fans, and a variety of octopi. The coastal areas also provide very important breeding grounds for hawksbill, green, and leatherback turtles.

Bom-Bom Resort

A short flight will take you to the north island of Principe where you’ll be whisked away to your new base of Bom-Bom resort. This resort is tucked away in luscious trees, flanked by golden beaches far from the beaten track with the exotic aromas of tropical fruits and flowers to engulf you.

Island of Principe

For an unforgettable wildlife experience head to the beach at night to witness the spawning and hatching of beautiful sea turtles whilst also learning about the creatures and crucial conservation of this threatened species. Here you can relax and unwind and soak in the beautiful surroundings.

Island of Principe

Accompanied by a local guide, you will explore the dramatic island landscape, heading off-the-beaten-path, gaining sensational views of this untouched island paradise. Explore Roça Paciência, an old plantation that is used to develop organic farming and handmade beauty and food products. Head to the spectacular viewpoints at Roça Belo Monte demonstrating dramatic forested landscapes towards the traditional fishing village of Praia Abade and the stunning Nova Estrela viewpoint. Finish the day enjoying the sundowner on the beach before settling down to dinner over in the exquisite islet restaurant.

Sundy Praia Lodge

For your next stay, head west to the beautiful Sundy Praia Lodge where you’ll be greeted by a fresh sea breeze, tropical scents, chattering parrots, and playful monkeys. With plenty of beaches to be explored, we would recommend taking a boat trip so you gain first-class access to all the hidden coves and inaccessible beaches.

Bay of Needles

You’ll head to the Bay of Needles and marvel at the dramatic scenes and prehistoric views of the jungle and black volcanic shorelines. Head to the famous picture-perfect beach of Praia Banana where you’ll live as though you’re a castaway.  Boasting crystal blue waters perfect for swimming and snorkelling with small wooden canoes on clean stretches of pristine sand, and the serenity truly make these beaches something to marvel at. Have lunch under the shady palm trees whilst sipping on a refreshing drink.

Bay of Needles

Explore the island's main exports and discover the history behind the country formerly known as the ‘chocolate islands’. Spend the morning learning through expert locals the process of transforming the cocoa from tree to table and then from bean to bar with a guided tour and watch the process unfold. Not only will you learn about the cocoa beans but also you can marvel at all the fresh fruit growing, pineapples emerging from the ground as well as eight different types of bananas and smell aromatic herbs being dried in preparation for cooking.  

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