Habitas Alula

Alula, Saudi Arabia


Located amongst dramatic sandstone cliffs and the archaeological remains of Hegra, lies Habitas AlUla. Bathed in local rituals and traditions, Habitas AlUla is an oasis of calm and tranquillity in the rugged desert.

Key Features

  • 100 luxury, experiential rooms
  • Set in the desert canyons of Ashar Valley AlUla
  • Activities including desert excursions, canyon trekking, horseback riding, survival skill workshops, traditional music lectures, art walks, and Arabic Calligraphy classes
  • Local arts and handicrafts used throughout the property
  • Swimming pool
  • Wellness centre with yoga sessions and spa treatments
  • Restaurant featuring authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine

Habitas AlUla blends seamlessly with the rugged heritage and landscape of the surrounding Hegra, a UNESCO World Heritage site that houses the remains of the ancient Nabatean civilisation. Habitas aims to bring guests closer to the surrounding heritage and environment, taking an innovative modular approach ensuring minimal ecological impact. They will be 3D printing each of the modular rooms and shipping them to AlUla themselves so that they are in charge of the entire supply change.

The Habitas model also places a focus on shared “rituals” including sunset ceremonies and a “sound sensorama”. Habitas is redefining modern luxury by focussing on bringing like-minded but diverse travellers together, prioritising human connection over the traditional concept of luxury. This includes a range of exciting and immersive activities to introduce visitors to authentic Saudi culture and history. Witness traditional Saudi music concerts and partake in lectures on Saudi society and AlUla’s history. Or head on a horse riding tour of the ancient desert sights of AlUla. The focus at Habitas is not about materials but about the creation of experiences and long-lasting memories. 


The eco-friendly resort implements various initiatives to promote local conservation and community engagement. This includes raising awareness among guests about local environmental causes, fostering community-tourist connections through activities like "meet and eat" experiences and visits to schools, and ensuring inclusivity through training programs for local staff. Additionally, the resort supports local artisans and charities by offering locally sourced handicrafts and artwork, partners with The Oceanic Global foundation for ocean conservation efforts, and offers cooking classes led by local chefs using seasonal produce. Furthermore, the resort is committed to sustainability by eliminating single-use plastic, properly managing food waste, using responsibly sourced wood, and employing construction methods that minimise environmental impact.

Why we love it

Habitas has been constructed with sustainability in mind. The ethos is wholly about supporting the local community and maintaining an ethical connection with the natural surroundings. Every part of the hotel’s construction and maintenance has been done with sustainability in mind including modular rooms and local projects.

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