Alladale Wilderness Reserve

Sutherland, Scotland


Alladale Wilderness Reserve prides itself on showcasing the ‘wild side of the highlands.’ Nestled in ancient Caledonian pine forest, any one of the unique stays will welcome you in with roaring fires and are the ultimate, hidden getaway. The reserve values and stimulates connection to local communities, people and businesses – sourcing supplies that can be found locally as possible. With a focus on sustainability the reserve will provide unparalleled experiences for all guests.

Key Features

  • Four lodges and cottages available depending on needs, exclusive to between 2 and 30 guests
  • Alladale Lodge sleeps up to 14, fully catered and serviced
  • Eagles Crag sleeps up to 10, meals delivered to door by chef – more private and remote
  • Ghillies Rest sleeps up to 4 – more intimate
  • Deanich Lodge also available for 18, self-catered and offers complete seclusion – ‘off the grid’ option
  • Whole reserve available for exclusive hire for up to 26 guests
  • Activities include fishing, hiking, dolphin watching, historic trips and much more

There are four beautiful cottages on this expansive reserve. Alladale Lodge is a large manor house peeping out of the firs. Luxurious and blending seamlessly into the crags, this true Scottish haven hosts an in-house sauna, gym and snooker room, the perfect accompaniment to unwinding after a day playing outdoors. The lodge is fully catered and serviced by friendly, professional staff; leaving you nothing to worry about other than whose turn it is to play on the baby grand piano. If you’re after total seclusion Eagle’s Crag or Ghillies Rest Lodges both provide wonderful comfort and will feel like a real escape to the edge of the world. The food freshly made on the reserve is wholesome and comforting while using wholly organic produce from the reserve and surrounding area. Meat is ethically culled and the menu can be adaptive, if you’re up for trying the local game, trout and wild seafood.


Conservation work is currently underway, involving the planting of native trees, restoration of peatlands, outdoor learning for teenagers, and various wildlife projects. We are proud partners with the 'Now' sustainability initiatives and fervently support rewilding by reintroducing species and plants. Our 1.5-acre aquaponic garden stands as a testament to our commitment to ethical food production. Powered by a hydro-electric generator, it operates as a zero-waste and zero-emissions scheme, exemplifying our dedication to sustainable practices.

Why we love it

Alladale provides a true off grid experience without the back to basics element. With comforting, inspiring dishes that are the perfect antidote to the brazen outdoors you feel part of rural Scottish Highland life whether it’s eating the local fayre or watching flying fish in the River Caron.

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