Nature, History, and Cuisine in Slovenia

The diversity of Slovenia’s topography provides an abundant terrain for outdoor adventure, with soaring peaks and picturesque valleys. Cycle over rolling hills, ascending golden-green plateaus and alongside winding rivers. Hike in the heart of the Julian Alps surrounded by towering walls and sensational views as you experience the powerful beauty and tranquillity of the Slovene mountains.

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Experience Highlights

  • Slovenia boasts stunning natural landscapes with crystal-clear rivers and exciting activities like fly-fishing, canyoning, and white-water rafting
  • Explore Slovenia's diverse culinary heritage across its regions, from unique dining locations to savouring local family recipes and century-old dishes
  • Discover the picturesque Slovenian coastline in Pirani, a medieval town influenced by Italian culture, offering historic streets and exquisite seafood dining with stunning coastal views

Sweeping through Slovenia’s valleys are the crystal-clear glacial streams, where abundant, unspoiled waters flow freely, creating a picturesque, dreamlike scene. The rivers are teeming with fish, but it is the indigenous marble trout that steals the show; with a distinctive pattern, this beautiful species is a truly rewarding catch, made more so by its renowned size and strength. Let PELORUS guide you to hidden and untouched oases in a fly-fishing experience that will have you connecting with nature in an entirely new way.


There is no better way to experience the culture and history of Slovenia than through its cuisine. With 24 different regions spreading across mountains, rivers, forest, and sea, Slovenia offers a wealth of unique and personal food and wine experiences. Let us take your taste buds on a journey through the regions, sampling local family favourites, authentic centuries-old recipes, and creative reinventions of past dishes. From dining in a cable car high above the mountain peaks to underground former coal mines, and anywhere in between, let the countries most renowned chefs allure you with carefully curated food, paired with the finest selection of natural Slovenian wines.


With glistening rivers and deep canyons, increase the speed of the adventure, in a canyoning and white-water rafting excursion that will have you tackling raging rapids and jumping feet first into nature’s most intimate ravines.

Soar above the shimmering dark-blue waters of the iconic Lake Bled on a unique paragliding experience, absorbing views of the striking island and the various medieval castles that cling to the lake’s shoreline, all backdropped by the imposing alpine mountains.


Discover Slovenia’s lesser-known coastline, stretching along the Adriatic Sea, the pristine beaches and charming towns are the perfect places to unwind. Stay in the medieval beach town of Pirani, a timeless Venetian town until 1797 at the very end of the Piranese peninsula. A maze of alleyways and streets, discover the old city walls, ancient squares, and Italian cathedrals. Influenced by Italian culture, the food here is second to none, sample exquisite seafood dining on the towering cliffs overlooking the entire coastline and rolling waves.

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