La Residence

Franschhoek, South Africa


Seeping with romantic farmhouse charm yet unmistakeably opulent, La Residence takes luxury seriously. Its classical furnishings and elegant décor display flashes of colour, leaving a deep nostalgia of a bygone era.

Key Features

  • Native wildlife roaming the property such as peacocks, springbok, guinea fowl and a regal black swan
  • Peek into the unoccupied bedrooms to gain the full ‘special guest’ feeling
  • Infinity pool with mountain view, set in the expansive floral gardens
  • 30 acre working farm estate, complete with 3 different vineyards
  • Extensive tea menu, including Jade of Africa, Silver Moon and Oolong Prestige
  • Complementary wine, champagne and mini bar stocked to your specifications


La Residence feels like a page out of a fairy tale, with views of rolling mountains cascading down towards sun-drenched vines, and peacocks strolling the grounds.

Individually styled by Liz Biden, each room radiates romance and charm. With richly textured plush furnishings and exquisite antique collections, every room is adorned with traditional paintings and ornate ceramics, and chandeliers offer added glamour. Expect elegant four-poster beds and 18th-century French dressers, complete with a chaise-longue and roll-top baths. Delightfully decadent, every nook and cranny is a new facet of luxury to explore.


Franschhoek means “French corner” in Dutch, as many French Huguenot settlers were granted land here. Perhaps this French connection is why, 300 years later, Franschhoek is often known as “the gourmet capital” of South Africa. Chew over the finer details of your taste palette and dietary requirements with high calibre chefs. La Residence prioritises the finest gastronomic cuisine as an essential experience for their guests. Indulge in local, seasonal produce of fresh olives, Franschhoek cheese and lamb. Don’t hesitate to try the line caught Franschhoek trout. Take advantage of the sommelier to find the perfect wine to compliment the evolving menu.

Why we love it

Discover your own fairy tale romance with the rugged mountains and sweeping valleys of the untouched Franschhoek countryside. La Residence is all about the finer details, from the flowers given on arrival and ribbon-wrapped laundry to dinner served on one-of-a-kind China plates from a local town. All adding to the rustic charm of a South African farmstead.

Meander through the awe-inspiring grounds, soaking up the daytime sun. One of the only Winelands villages to have retained its picturesque architectural lineage, wander through the quaint Dutch cottages on a delightful local excursion. After an indulgent soak in the roll-top bath sip a glass of wine made from the very vineyards you can see from your window.

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