Looking Back on 2023


In 2023, we sent our travellers across all seven of the world’s continents. From Iceland and Japan to Scotland and Kenya, we curated a myriad of unique experiences tailored to each client, helping them to experience the world’s wonders on their own terms.

We saw clients travelling to every continent

This year, we’ve helped our clients experience the wonders of the world. For one adventurous couple, it was hiking through Colombia, with adrenaline and relaxation on pristine beaches in equal measure. Elsewhere, a multi-generational cycling experience across the hills and valleys of Portugal, a monumental 30th birthday trip across Europe, and a family odyssey through the never-ending deserts of Oman.

“I travelled to Iceland with my father for an 11-day excursion. I have a particular interest in local food systems, and Antonia and Charlie did a great job incorporating my research into our itinerary to include unique experiences such as a private tour of a goat farm. When one of the accommodations we had requested was not available, Antonia and Charlie booked a stunning private home for us instead, managed by a friendly and fascinating couple who we cooked dinner with one evening. The most meaningful part of the trip was the time we spent with our guide Einar, and Antonia and Charlie were instrumental in connecting us with someone well-suited to our background and interests. This was one of the most memorable trips our family has taken and I look forward to working with Pelorus on another itinerary in the near future.”

Katherine, Pelorus Client

Bella in Namibia

We've had our feet on the ground

Our team are always on the go – putting our experiences and properties through their paces. These trips are essential to the way we work, and our Travel Designers test everything in advance to ensure our clients only get the very best, inspiring our team to create trips that make the most of a client’s time away.

This year, Charlie took to the spiritual mountains of Bhutan, Bella to the desolated sands of Namibia and Elise to the wildlife-filled archipelago of the Galapagos. We also saw our team spotting tigers in India, playing with meerkats in Botswana, and cruising the seas on luxury yachts. These are just a handful of some of the recces that our team embarked on, but their notes and photographs chronicle a year of daring expeditions to the farthest corners of the world.

“My highlight from this year was my trip to Indonesia staying at Cap Karoso on Sumba Island. From paddleboarding on an incredible crystal-clear lake and visiting a traditional Sumbanese villa and meeting an elder there to horse riding along the beach at sunset while staying at Nihi Sumba, it was magical.”

Laura, Travel Designer

“I went to the Galapagos which was amazing, it was like being backstage at a Disney movie! The wilderness of the national park is so well preserved and the wildlife encounters are simply unmatched. I was onboard the beautiful EVOLVE and I am already looking forward to hearing about our clients’ experiences onboard with their wonderful team.”

Elise, Head of Yacht Expeditions

We Launched our nordic culinary adventure

2023 saw the launch of A Taste For Adventure, our exciting partnership with SKANDL and 62ºNORD. Among the fjords and the dramatically rugged landscapes of the west coast of Norway, we’re taking clients on a culinary adventure with Michelin-starred chefs to experience the best that this region has to offer. You won’t want to miss out.

We hosted our first charity event

We also hosted our first ever charity dinner in support of Pelorus Foundation and their life-saving conservation work. Held in the iconic Natural History Museum in London, this inspiring venue saw an incredible evening of captivating speeches and fundraising through live and silent auctions.

We've been recognised as the best, by the best

Our incredible trips have also won the attention of the press, from our World Whisky Tour being featured in Elite Traveler and The Times to coverage from Country & Town House, Tatler, and Robb Report. But our proudest achievement is being included in Neiman Marcus’ Fantasy Gift List with our Luxury Treasure Hunts. With over 41 million impressions spanning everything from Forbes to WWD, we’re excited to open more people’s eyes to the world of luxury adventure travel.


If you've been inspired and would like to start planning for 2024, please get in touch.

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