200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, under the shimmering colours of the Northern Lights, is situated a unique exhibition of luxury and innovation. Recreated every winter, this extraordinary hub of art and adventure is unmatched in both size and beauty. Its magnificent interior bursts with striking statues and spectacular architecture, forming galleries by day and hotel rooms by night.

Key Features

  • Rooms and suites in both Icehotel Winter and Icehotel 365, meaning ice rooms are available all year round
  • Permanent Icebar and choice of restaurants
  • Choice of warm accommodation in the form of hotel rooms and chalets
  • Array of activities including dogsledding, snowmobiles, rafting, ice sculpting and fishing


Cosy furs cover icy surfaces while exquisitely crafted sculptures stare down from every wall. Each suite’s intricate theme is uniquely constructed by carefully selected artists, with no design ever being repeated. Become immersed simultaneously in ice and art as you settle down for the night in this wintry retreat. Icehotel 365 offers the ultimate combination of icy bedrooms coupled with warm bathrooms and saunas attached – a luxury on offer all year round. If one night on the ice is enough, retreat to the inviting comfort of a warm hotel room or cabin, available throughout the seasons. Authentic Scandinavian chalets feature simple furnishings and wood panelled walls, exuding rustic charm and tranquillity. Underfloor heating and comfortable bedding offer a cosy escape from your arctic adventures, while the calming colours and birchwood detailing echo the natural beauty of this outstanding landscape.


Feast on sumptuous dishes at the Arctic’s top culinary destination. Local ingredients are fused with modern techniques to create an authentic Scandinavian dining experience with a cosmopolitan twist. The warm surrounding and crackling fire are an added bonus and welcome escape from the sub-zero conditions. The iconic Icebar, open across seasons, is an icy delight not to be missed. Sample delicious cocktails, served in handcrafted ice glasses, before heading to the snowy dancefloor to mingle and unwind after an action-packed day.


Icehotel 365 prides itself on its commitment to sustainability, employing eco-friendly practices in various aspects of its operation. The ice utilised in the hotel is naturally grown and sourced locally, minimising both formation and transportation emissions. The lightweight insulation is crafted from recycled materials and Icehotel 365 operates entirely on renewable energy, harnessing the abundant daylight available between May and July through extensive solar panels. This dedication to using clean energy sources underscores the hotel's commitment to reducing its environmental footprint.

Why we love it

For its many attractions, the Arctic Circle’s most mysterious and magical draw is undoubtably the ethereal glow of the Aurora Borealis. Be transported to a secluded wilderness camp and feast on local delicacies by the flickering fire, as these elusive lights dance across the inky skies above you. This unparalleled private experience will provide you with unrivalled views of this breathtaking wonder, creating precious moments and memories that will last you a lifetime.

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