Backcountry Skiing in Denali, Alaska

Alaska is renowned for being one of the most dramatic backcountry skiing destinations on earth, and Mount Denali is no exception. Navigate this magnificent terrain, carve fresh tracks through pristine powder and uncover the beauty of this rugged wilderness. Denali provides you with the grandest of settings for your backcountry adventure.

When to go
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£13,500 PP*
Ideal Length
5 Nights

Experience Highlights

  • Glaciers to powder fields, steep couloirs to deep crevasse and awe-inspiring scenery
  • Set out on foot, touring or by heli to reach some truly staggering and untouched runs
  • Fresh powder coating the magnificent Ruth glacier
  • Watch the sunset over the jagged ridgelines before the still darkness descends
  • The ultimate backcountry expedition

Unearth the sheer magnitude and spectacular beauty of Denali and its surrounding national park. Reaching a breathtaking 6,190m this is the highest peak in North America. From glaciers to powder fields, steep couloirs to deep crevasse and awe-inspiring scenery, untamed Alaska offers the ultimate backcountry skiing excursion. Accompanied by expert guides throughout, you will have the chance to lose yourself in the mountains whilst skiing some of the best untracked powder in the world. Each day discover this untapped wilderness of endless terrain and colossal vertical peaks. Set out on foot, touring or by heli to reach some truly staggering and untouched runs.


With fresh powder coating the magnificent Ruth glacier, your guide will lead you to the most pristine slopes. Gaining access to many mountainous places that few humans ever set eyes on, let alone ski. Equipped with a climbing harness even the high ice cliffs are not unpassable. Stand atop of a mountain chute or above a powder-coated bowl and revel in the solitude of this isolated hillside. With varying degrees of steepness and difficulty, each day will be tailored to your personal desires and abilities, whilst also locating the best snow conditions.

Trekking, Sledding, Climbing

Surrounded by grandeur your exploration is not limited to skis, with snowshoe glacier trekking, gourmet picnics, crevasse exploration and sledding runs, there really is something for everyone. Spend your days in the shadow of this majestical mountain or climb to its summit for a view that stretches across Alaska. Experience a sense of peace and calm that is only achieved in such a remote destination.

Views that stretch across Alaska

After a day’s exploration, watch the sun set over the jagged ridgelines offering a soft wash of pastel colours before the still darkness descends. Indulge in a seemingly never-ending feast of locally sourced and wild harvested ingredients, before recuperating by a cozy crackling fire.

As the night draws in be dazzled as the heavens sparkle and the moon illuminates the surrounding peaks. Watch the sky become awash with colour as the aurora borealis come to life. This truly is the stuff of dreams and the ultimate backcountry expedition.

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