Volcanic Adventure and Island Culture in Hawaii

Created by volcanic activity and home to some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, Hawaii provides a glorious backdrop for heart-pumping, wilderness adventures. Pelorus will take you to hidden waterfalls, lush jungles, and rough coastlines shaped by volcanic activity and the crashing surf.

When to go
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£21,000 PP*
Ideal Length
12 nights

Experience Highlights

  • Soar over Kona coffee fields and volcanoes in a private helicopter
  • Explore lava tubes, local mythology, and historic plantations in Volcanoes National Park
  • Encounter giant manta rays at night off the Kona Coast while snorkeling
  • Experience a cage-free shark encounter with local research crews in Oahu
  • Fish in salmon-rich river systems

Fly onto Big Island Hawaii. Larger than all other Hawaiian Islands combined, The Big Island is the epicentre of Hawaii’s volcanic activity, and the island boasts a dizzying array of natural diversity. Spend your first day on Big Island, getting acquainted with your new surroundings and sinking into Hawaiian relaxation.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

After a relaxing night in a local hotel, take to the skies to explore the boundless beauty of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. In a private helicopter, fly towards the volcanic area, soaring over the famous Kona coffee district and taking in views of three towering volcanoes, Hualalai, Mauna Kea, and Mauna Loa. From above you have an unparalleled view of the island’s beauty as you take in meandering streams, lakes of glowing lava, and huge stretches of forest. Leap from your helicopter into the ocean and begin your exploration on land.

Volcanoes National Park

As you emerge from the ocean you will be met by a local expert guide who will take you through the remote and rugged landscapes of Ka’u. Explore Volcanoes National Park winding your way through deep-set tubes that were hewn from the earth by rivers of molten lava. Learn about the importance these lava tubes played in local mythology as well as their vital role as places to store food. A local guide will also share stories from Hawaiian legends and folklore with a special focus on Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire, lightning, wind, and volcanoes. Visit historic farming plantations and learn from local farmers about how they cultivate this nutrient-rich landscape. At a coffee plantation, sip on a deliciously rich cup of coffee grown and ground in that very plantation. Head to a stunning black sand beach where you can enjoy a wild picnic lunch as you sink your toes into the volcanic sand. Rested and restored, make your way back into the jungle and learn more about the natural ecosystems in place here as you discover cavernous volcanic craters surrounded by lush forest.

The Kona Coast

In the evening board a private catamaran and watch the sun descend over the pristine ocean. And, once the sun sets, the adventure can truly begin. The Kona coast offers some of the best chances to encounter manta rays. These huge and ethereal creatures can boast wingspans of up to 20 feet and once the sun sets you will get the chance to slip into the water with them on an extraordinary nighttime snorkelling experience. Shine spotlights into the water, illuminating plankton that the mantas feed on. Swimming in the water with these serene and gentle giants under the light of the moon is an experience you are sure to remember forever.

North Kohala

Head to North Kohala, an expanse of cascading waterfalls, tranquil streams, and rugged coastlines. This staggering landscape will act as the backdrop for a day of adventure. Trek through the jungle and fly through the air on a course of zip lines that will send you high above deep valleys and towering forests with uninterrupted views over the ocean. Climb over suspension bridges and rappel down jagged rock faces before discovering a secluded picnic overlooking the verdant and secluded Pololu Valley. After your delicious wild lunch, head back into the jungle for an exciting and beautiful trek. As you climb mountains and head deeper into the heart of the park, discover hidden waterfalls, the perfect place for a refreshing dip after your morning’s activities.

Immersive Food Experience

Arise early and make your way to a local farm and inn for an authentic and immersive food experience. A resident chef will be your guide and host for the day as you journey through the farm’s boundless, lush tropical gardens. Learn about the diverse crops that thrive on the fertile, volcanic soil, and try your hand at using local techniques to harvest exotic fruit and veg when they are perfectly ripe. With your arms full of local bounty, make your way to the kitchen.

Local Cuisine

In a secluded barn, the kitchen truly expounds the virtues of farm-to-table cooking and the Hawaiian values of living in harmony with your local environment. Discover the true joy of eating the local, fresh food that you have picked and prepared yourself. With the help of your expert chef, use your ingredients to create a delicious, traditional Hawaiian lunch. Eat lunch with your chef at a rustic table in the heart of the farm. After lunch explore the farm at your leisure and make your way towards a surging waterfall for a cooling dip. Head to the airport where you will fly towards Maui.


Arise early in the morning and you will be collected by your local guide for a day of adventure. Follow the Road to Hana, a stunning track that loops around an entire mountain. As you journey, your guide will share local customs and stories with you so that you may gain a more authentic insight into native traditions and ways of life. Stop off on the Road to Hanna at the Ke’ane Peninsula and witness famous Hawaiian waves crashing into the rugged cliff face. Discover hidden waterfalls and trek to a luxurious open-air dining room that offers panoramic views in every direction over Kauiki Hill and Hana Bay.

Enjoy a fresh and delicious lunch here before trekking nearby fruit stand for a simple slice of famous banana bread as you mingle with the locals that frequent the fruit stand. Make your way down the peninsula to a black sand beach. As afternoon turns to evening, a candlelit dinner under a pristine white canopy will be set up for you. Local musicians will serenade you as you enjoy cocktails and dinner on the sand watching the sun descend below the horizon.

Marine Adventure

Arise early and enjoy a sumptuous breakfast to refuel you before a day of marine adventure. Make your way to the beautiful Makena Landing where you will hop into kayaks to explore Turtle Town. This remarkable stretch of coastline boasts pristine, turquoise water abundant with marine life. As you silently paddle across the clear water, take in views of Hakeakala, the Molokini Crater, Pu’u Olai volcano, and the glorious Makena coastline. Make your way to a remote beach for lunch before you dive beneath the surface to explore the incredible underwater world. This area offers unique reef structures and cavernous underwater caves as well as the eponymous turtles that populate this area. Sharing the water with such a large variety of turtles is a truly exceptional experience that you are sure to never forget. In the afternoon make your way to the airport and fly over to Oahu.

Oahu’s North Shore

Arise early and make your way to Oahu’s North Shore, one of Hawaii’s most iconic regions. If there is such a thing as the perfect wave, you are sure to find it here. The big, glassy waves of this legendary surf mecca attract some of the best surfers in the world. Stretching for more than seven miles, the beaches of the North Shore even host some of the world’s premier surf competitions.

Join an expert surfer who knows this coastline and these waves better than anyone. Take part in a thorough surfing lesson that can be altered to suit your level of experience and expertise, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned surfer. A marine photographer will join you in the surf so you can capture all of your best waves. Take a break from the waves for lunch in a quaint local café in nearby Haleiwa Town, before heading back into the ocean for an afternoon of surfing or stand-up paddleboarding in a quiet tributary. Enjoy a quiet evening and restore your energy with a delicious supper at your hotel.

This morning, head to nearby docks to meet a local captain and research crew that will guide you as you head into the water with some of Hawaii’s majestic sharks. This cage-free experience is one like no other and it is one of the most eye-opening and heart-pounding adventures you will undertake. Being in the water with these shark species is the perfect way to truly change your perspective on sharks and the entire marine ecosystem. Watch them glide silently through the water as they swim peacefully alongside a myriad of marine species. Your knowledgeable crew will teach you about the species found in the area and will enlighten you on some of the threats these astonishing animals are facing. Learn about the vital part these animals play in marine ecosystems and discover why they are not really the vicious animals that films have painted them to be. Your time in the water with the sharks will also be of vital help to local conservationists as you take an underwater camera with you to help document and ID some of the sharks that swim around you.

After this epic experience, make your way back to your hotel where you can enjoy a final night of Hawaiian bliss before beginning your journey back home.

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