Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam


Curved tiled rooves peak sporadically from the luscious green jungle of the mountainsides, while the dazzling expanse of Vinh Hy Bay stretches away at their feet. At the threshold of land and sea, Amanoi provides the ultimate location to reflect and explore, all the while surrounded by the utmost luxury and comfort.

Key Features

  • Choice of pavilions, villas, and residences
  • Private beach into coral-rich waters
  • Aman Spa and Wellness Villas
  • Kayaking, catamaran, and snorkelling trips in the bay
  • Excursions including ancient temple visits, trekking, and cycling


Sitting in its own microclimate, Nui Chua National Park’s forests and waters are teaming with some of the most diverse wildlife on the planet. Crystal clear seas allude to the rainbow of corals beneath, as the sun sparkles beneath the veil of the water. Take to the ocean in an epic snorkelling adventure as the sun warms your back and a myriad of fish dart beneath you. Once back on the pristine private beach, recharge with a cooling cocktail from the Beach Club, and survey the wonderous landscape before you.

Cuisine and Amenities

The main restaurant is a celebration of fine Vietnamese cuisine, where fragrant flavours waft out through the tall white pillars onto the terrace beyond. From the Grand Central Pavilion to the serene Mountain Pool Villas, all buildings display a fresh, modern take on historic architecture, using natural materials that echo the surrounding environment. Understated, yet elegant, rooms give way to palatial wooden decking, private infinity pools, and uninterrupted views. The surrounding vegetation provides cool seclusion, giving this enriching escape the most exclusive of atmospheres.

Why we love it

Take your detox a step further with a totally immersive wellness retreat. The first of their kind in Asia, Amanoi offers a choice of two secluded Wellness Villas, complete with in house spa facilities, treatments rooms and exquisite 15 metre infinity pool. Lose yourself in a Mindfulness Immersion as lotus flowers float blissfully on the glassy surface of the lake before and mountains roll far into the distance. This bespoke, tranquil absorption into nature and holistic health will leave you restored and rejuvenated, with a lasting sense of inner peace and harmony.

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