Time + Tide Chinzombo

South Luangwa, Zambia


Follow the footsteps of Africa’s most majestic predators and immerse yourself in Zambia’s rich natural history. Nestled before the entrancing panorama of the South Luangwa River, six luxurious safari tents melt into the canvas of Zambia’s serene riverside. From shaded and spacious verandas, listen to the wildlife choir and witness millions of stars lighting elephant’s paths to the waterfront right on your doorstep.

Key Features

  • Sleep out under the stars in luxurious tents on the bed of the South Luangwa River, including a chef and personal guide.
  • Year-round day and night game drives across South Luangwa’s rich and fruitful national park.
  • Walking safaris open the door to Africa’s nature seldom seen before, led by a team of the most experienced and resourceful guides.
  • All safari tents include open verandas, each with a private pool and soaking tub that provide mesmerising riverfront views.
  • Seasonal boating safaris and cruises across the dancing river provide paramount views of Africa’s greatest predators in action.
  • Relax from the tranquillity of your tent with in-room spa treatments.

Embraced in the arms of the South Luangwa River, the splendour of Zambia’s authentic culture and rich landscape is embedded within the award-winning design and atmosphere of Time + Tide Chinzombo. Marrying timber and reed with luxurious waterfront verandas and grass walls enhances the experience of bush safari, whilst also proudly preserving its traditional elements. Each open-planned tent is nestled among the shade of ancient Mitzi trees, allowing you to connect with the best of Africa. It is the perfect balance of minimalism and luxury.

Chinzombo holds the key to rebuilding the connection between man and nature. Begin your day with a sunrise swim amidst a vista of elephants and hippos drinking and playing across the waterfront, then immerse yourself in a sundry of safari activities tailored for all. Step into the shoes of Africa’s most prized predators with walking safaris, as they roam and hunt magnificently around the surrounding terrain. With fascinating safari cruises and canoeing, sing with a chorus of birdsong warbling across the riverside, keeping eyes firmly peeled in the treetops for the sight of a snoozing leopard.

As dawn begins to welcome the dusk, tread the winding path down toward the main lodge to engross yourself in a book from the open-air library, or to enjoy a refreshing beverage at the bar. Dinner under the starlit sky, made with delicious homegrown produce, provides the perfect way to end the day, surrounded by the warmth of the fire pit on top of your veranda or on the riverfront deck.


The Time + Tide Foundation invests in the future through education focusing on female empowerment, health, and wildlife conservation. They support local conservation with anti-poaching, protecting vulnerable wildlife, human-wildlife conflict and wildlife rehabilitation and invest in the local community through job creation. All camps use the latest eco-friendly technology, are solar-powered, and have been built using local and sustainable materials. Locally grown produce used in cooking and dining.

Why we love it

Chinzombo’s incredible effort and detail towards luxury accommodation, rare and bespoke safari experiences, as well as wildlife conservation and community support, elevates them upon the highest grounds. All ages of children are welcome, so the camp is an oasis of colour and nature for families, as well as friends, couples, or even individual stays. Whether you go to observe the Big Five in all their glory, indulge in the sweet song of migrating birds, or witness the South Luangwa River ebb and flow, Chinzombo will feel like a home away from home.

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