Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge

Chiredzi, Zimbabwe


With prowling lions, towering giraffes and over 8000 elephants, there is truly nothing to rival the magic of the Gonarezhou plains. Largely undiscovered by the outside world, the jutting sandstone cliffs and rugged scrub are home to a plethora of wildlife waiting to be discovered. World renowned guides are your passport into this untouched land. Their intimate working relationship with the local Shangaan community, coupled with their endless knowledge, guarantees an unparalleled experience you will never forget.

Key Features

  • All-inclusive or self-catered lodges, all with ensuite and private balcony
  • Family lodge, sleeps up to six, with own kitchen and garden
  • Communal space with shaded swimming pool, lounge and dining
  • World-renowned, award-winning guides
  • Seasonal camping
  • Cultural visits
  • Viewing deck over the river

Feel the watchful eyes of impala follow you as you cruise through this iconic landscape under the beating sun. Watch as majestic elephants traipse along ancient paths as vultures soar overhead. The adventure doesn’t end when your safari does; survey the river from the perfectly situated viewing platform back at the lodge. Watch hippos and crocodiles wallow in the waters accompanied by an array of fluttering birds. The great African wilderness is never far away during your stay at Chilo Gorge.

Back at the Lodge, cool tiles, rustic wooden beams and vast thatched rooves blend harmoniously with their surroundings. Down stone paths, lined with Aloe Vera plants, you will find secluded rooms shaded by trees. Dark wooden furnishings and locally crafted rugs create a tranquil haven to escape the heat of the day. For those seeking a more independent and adventurous experience, Nhambo provides a self-catered alternative with communal kitchen, dining and campfire area. Enjoy that campsite feel without compromising on luxury.


Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge stands as a beacon of sustainable tourism, deeply rooted in community-led conservation efforts. Serving as the birthplace of the renowned CAMPFIRE programme, it has set a precedent for responsible tourism practices that prioritise the well-being of both local communities and wildlife. The tangible benefits of this initiative are evident in the community's development, marked by the establishment of vital institutions like schools, clinics, police stations, and mills, all funded by the programme's success. Furthering their impact, they set up the Mahenye Charitable Trust so the Lodge can help fund projects identified in conjunction with the village elders. Guided by the Gonarezhou Conservation Trust, the lodge continues to uphold its principles of conservation, ensuring the preservation of the National Park's ecological integrity for present and future generations.

Why we love it

As part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, Gonarezhou is on the precipice of something amazing. You have the opportunity to witness the historic restoration of South East Africa’s parks, as barriers come down and elephants are able to resume their ancient migration routes. Witness the awe-inspiring creatures, who shape this unique landscape, in their most natural state thanks to the endless conservation efforts of this area.

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