Whichaway Camp



Amidst the pristine wilderness, a series of cream domes jut out of the bright, white landscape. Home to Whichaway Camp, the only luxury destination in the world’s most southerly continent. This is a true once-in-a-lifetime experience – only a handful of people are lucky enough to stay in this otherworldly camp.

Key Features

  • 7 luxury doubles with en-suites
  • Separate shower pod
  • Communal pod for dining and separate lounge area
  • Choice of a la carte menu and a six-course tasting menu
  • Chartered flights to all activities
  • Library and lounge pod to gather and rest, charging points for laptops
  • Snow bar and cocktail deck
  • Activities include: Emperor penguin spotting, ice climb, exploring ice tunnels, guided climb up Nunutak


Minimally yet elegantly designed with plenty of cozy blankets to wrap up in, the sleeping pods are twenty metres wide, providing a wealth of space for two to share and can also be partitioned for the solo traveller. With a wash area, separate toilet and writing desk, they offer the utmost comfort and space. Made of high-quality fibreglass to keep wind noise at a minimum, the heated domes are a tranquil retreat from the wild, barren landscape outside.


Three course meals are prepared by chef Justine, and you will be treated to many delicious dishes, with the opportunity to try unusual and novel flavours, enhanced by the atmosphere of the beautiful communal dining pod. Sip one of the truly unique cocktails from the Snow Bar, made with the purest thousand-year-old ice, while relaxing on the observation deck after a day spent spotting emperor penguins or ice climbing.


All waste is removed from the site and responsibly disposed of in South Africa, contributing to minimal environmental impact and offsetting carbon neutrality. The supply chain is also environmentally conscious. Partnered with Arctica Solar, it ensures as much electricity is powered by renewable sources, to minimise fossil fuel usage.

Why we love it

After a day of adventure in the polar desert and following in the footsteps of the few explorers who have gone before you, this camp feels intimate, echoing the pioneering spirit of the early Victorian travellers. We especially love the library pod, stocked with a range of fascinating literature, allowing you to read about what you’ve come across in the day or tales of those first explorers to visit this stark continent.

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