Pioneering Luxury Adventure in Antarctica

Pristine wilderness, leading science bases and iconic wildlife, it’s hard not to be drawn in by the unique appeal of this icy desert. This experience offers a rare insight into the savage beauty of Antarctica – the least explored continent on the planet.

When to go
From Price
£82,000 PP*
Ideal Length
8 Nights

Experience Highlights

  • Choose from two of the only luxury accommodation options on the continent
  • Expect to see thousands of emperor penguins and chicks
  • Disembark on the polar plateau
  • Land at the lowest point on earth
  • Feast on a six-course tasting menu
  • Climbing, abseiling, ice climbing and hiking


Board your fully carbon offset flight in South Africa and embark upon the journey of a lifetime, flying to the white desert of Antartica, entering a barely touched, desolate world of 24-hour daylight and unparalleled scenery. Choose from Whichaway Camp or Echo Camp - two of the only luxury accommodation options on the continent – and check into one of the state-of-the-art sleeping domes or pods. These are the perfect spots from which to base your Antarctic expedition. 

Emperor Penguins

After a leisurely breakfast, don your warm gear and head to the plane for a short flight where you can expect to see thousands of emperor penguins and chicks. These loveable creatures are totally unfazed by human presence and will happily come within mere metres of your group, surrounding you in chatter, noise and general commotion. This breathtaking sight is one of the most spectacular yet unseen wildlife events on the planet – a truly unique experience. 

Lowest Point on Earth

You will also venture out on a journey that very few have taken. Even now, reaching the southernmost point of the earth is no easy mission, and it is something that few have achieved. During your 7-hour flight from camp, you will stop for a refuel, allowing you to disembark on the polar plateau – where you will begin to comprehend the vast scale of this immense wilderness. Another 2 hours on and it’s arrival time. Land at the lowest point on earth. Head to the marker and take a trip around the world in just a few paces! Secure your passport stamp and board your flight back to camp for an evening spent feasting on an exquisite six-course tasting menu, designed to take you on a sensory adventure.

Climbing, Abseiling, Hiking

The camps offer plenty of excursions closer to home. After a hearty breakfast, undertake a day of climbing, abseiling and hiking the surreal natural landscape around you. Following your experienced guides (former world champions in the sport), learn to safely scale the looming granite walls surrounding the camp, offering epic views and a great sense of achievement. Refuel with lunch back at the camp, before testing your skills in the other direction with an exhilarating abseil down a 100-metre cliff face. Get your adrenaline pounding as you work your way down this rocky wall, surrounded by a shimmering amphitheatre of Antarctic ice. Spend your evening in the cosy interior of the communal pod, wrapped in plush furs and listening to the extraordinary tales of polar explorers who have been before you.

Ice Climbing

For those on the hunt for a challenge, test your physical and mental strength with a morning spent ice climbing. Grapple with crampons and axes to scale seemingly impossible walls of gleaming ice. To recuperate after your strenuous morning, enjoy a gourmet picnic atop a rugged peak; sit back under the Antarctic sun and sip on a refreshing cocktail poured over 1,000-year-old ice. For a slightly more relaxed afternoon, delve into the maze of perfectly formed ice tunnels – a natural architectural phenomenon created by powerful waters of the seasonal melt.  Snap unrivalled photos and explore this web of surreal beauty.

Mountain Summit

On your final day, soak up the last of the magnificent scenery with a climb to a mountain summit. After scaling the vast blue-ice glacier, survey the great expanse of white wilderness before you and reflect on the adventures of this once-in-a-lifetime trip, before heading home.

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