Fogo Island Inn

Newfoundland, Canada


A Canadian island paradise, escape to icebergs, rocky outcrops, and flourishing tundra for this amazing wilderness adventure. Ice skate over frozen lakes or trek through the outback on the lookout for endemic wildlife. To reconnect with the natural forces, while immersed in luxury, look no further than this award-winning Inn.

Key Features

  • Panoramic seafront views
  • Rooftop sauna and hot tub
  • Only 29 exclusive guest rooms
  • Array of summer and winter excursions on your doorstep
  • Spacious suites boasting colourful and unique décor

Fogo Island Inn sits on a remote island at one of the four corners of the Earth. Each 29 one-of-a-kind guest room and suite has dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows that open onto the wildest and most powerful ocean on the planet. With whitewashed walls complementing exciting, patterned furnishings, each room has a unique character reflecting a different part of island culture. Your suite also features a large modern bathroom and spacious sitting area to take in the magnificent views.


The food is grounded in the island and each meal is crafted using ingredients fished, farmed, and foraged from the surrounding landscape. Changing daily and with the seasons, the dining menu reflects the subarctic region ruled by the Labrador current and rich North Atlantic. Taste scallops with parsnips and rhubarb jelly, salt cod and shaved turnip, roasted cabbage, bakeapples and more.


For an adventure of a lifetime, spend your days taking guided walks or marine life watching boat trips, scouting for seals and whales. With midyear fisheries of crab, shrimp, and cod seeing boats popping in and out of the harbours, spend a day casting your lines offshore or searching freshwater ponds in pursuit of wild trout. Take to the water for a harbour row or learn about the historic significance of boat building on the island before taking ample time for copious berry harvesting and jam jarring. Alternatively, in the winter months, skate over frozen lakes, then take to snowmobiles packing snowshoes for an off-road adventure. Finish the day with some star gazing, storytelling and music around a blazing bonfire before ascending to the rooftop sauna and hot tub.

With 100% of operating surpluses reinvested into the community, the Inn is a true community asset and helps to secure a sustainable and resilient future for Fogo Island


The menu at the Inn is shaped by the availability of local produce in each season, emphasizing a commitment to using ingredients at their peak freshness. Resources and services are sourced from Fogo Island suppliers, aligning with the Inn's dedication to supporting the local community. The establishment maintains a responsible, energy-efficient, and ecologically minded design. To enhance transparency, an economic nutrition scale is implemented, allowing guests to trace where their expenditure goes and its impact on the local community. Fogo Island Inn operates as a social business and community asset, registered as a Canadian charity with a mandate to foster cultural and economic resilience on Fogo Island. Additionally, the Inn actively supports cod potting initiatives, providing a sustainable approach to harvesting cod that contributes to the preservation of ocean ecosystems for future generations. Fishers involved in these initiatives receive significantly higher prices for cod harvested using traditional inshore fishing grounds, promoting a more sustainable alternative to commercialized fishing methods.

Why we love it

Bold, poignant, and staged on the wild Canadian coast, Fogo Island Inn embraces its responsibility to the environment and local community. An enterprise to be admired, the lodge is pioneering the ecologically minded and socially aware direction that we should all be aiming for when travelling.

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