Nimmo Bay

British Columbia, Canada


An intimate, family-owned wilderness resort in the heart of British Columbia, Nimmo Bay offers a unique experience to stay in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest. In one of the most unspoilt corners of the world, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, this resort has a host of opportunities to immerse yourself in this dramatic landscape and awaken your senses to the powers of the intense natural beauty in abundance here.

Key Features

  • Bespoke experiences planned including foraging, kayaking, hiking etc.
  • Spacious two-bedroom cabins
  • Innovative culinary experiences
  • Spa and treatment packages with bespoke wellness activities
  • Complimentary baked goods and mini bar in cabin

Leave the everyday behind as you arrive at Nimmo Bay with the aim to reinstall presence in your everyday life and to reconnect with nature. Promising to inspire your stay with the activities, location, dining and wellness on offer here. The cabins are either ocean facing or nestled in the dense coniferous forests nearby a pristine stream, both of which provide spectacular vistas. With two-bedrooms, one bathroom and breath-taking views they are relaxing and cosy, providing the perfect base to rest after adventure-filled days.

Enjoy world-class dining with menus featuring the intense flavours of the surroundings, designed to reconnect with the flavour of nature. Nimmo Bay also specialises in wellness retreats. In tandem with the more thrill-seeking activities, explore your inner connections to your body and mind and the landscape through their workshops and experiences. With opportunities such as guided meditation or yoga, the setting lends itself to creating magical connections and nourishing your soul.


Hyper-sustainable approach to food, means they eat on local fare such as wild vegetation, spot prawns, wild pacific salmon when they are in season and readily available

Why we love it

At Nimmo Bay one of the greatest highlights is the culinary expertise and freshness of the ingredients. Enjoy foraging for your supper, both in the woods and underwater free diving for the wild scallops or spot prawns, the hard work making the flavour all the richer. Indulge under the vast Canadian sky with the warmth a fire and a delicious glass of fine wine for many an unforgettable feast.

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