China’s Vibrant Cities and Rural Beauty

An intriguing country that remained a mystery to the rest of the world for centuries, welcome to China. Vast in size, numbers, power and potential, China is home to astounding natural beauty, long-lost villages, cultural variations and fascinating traditions.

When to go
Mar-May, Sept-Nov
From Price
£18,000 PP*
Ideal length
14 Nights

Experience Highlights

  • With your expert guide, unlock restricted gardens and ancient buildings once home to treasures, providing a unique glimpse into China's imperial history
  • Fine-Dining in Underground Venue: Experience a delicious dinner beneath the Forbidden City in former wine cellars, surrounded by impressive stone architecture—a truly memorable dining experience
  • Soaring Above the Great Wall: Soar above the Great Wall of China for breathtaking views as it winds through the hillside, followed by a rustic picnic lunch at the 'wild' section—an awe-inspiring adventure
  • Private Tai Chi Lesson at Temple of Heaven: Learn ancient Tai Chi from a master at the iconic Temple of Heaven, gaining insights into this healing art within a tranquil setting


Commence your journey in China’s capital, the unique and efficient megacity of Beijing. Venture beyond the crowds to the wonderful Forbidden City which was once home to the Emperor and today, holds great significance. With your expert guide, receive exclusive access to private areas, restricted gardens and buildings once home to ancient treasures. In the evening, indulge in a delicious dinner in a hidden underground venue beneath the Forbidden City. Once wine cellars for China’s rulers and government, the arched stone doorways and curved ceiling create impressive surroundings for your fine-dining experience.

Great Wall of China

Journey north out of Beijing to see one of the world’s Seven Wonders; the Great Wall of China. Soar above the immense structure, soak up the beautiful views as it winds through the hillside and catch glimpses of reservoirs that fill the valley. Venture to the ‘wild’ section of the wall where you will stop for a rustic picnic lunch with awe-inspiring panoramic views. Before leaving the city, take part in a private Tai Chi lesson at the Temple of Heaven. From a master, discover the intriguing theories and join him to practice this ancient healing art.

‘Grand Canyon’ of Asia

In powerful 4x4 vehicles, continue cross country, cruising through rushing rivers and ice-cold water to enter territories seldom explored. Welcome to the ‘Grand Canyon’ of Asia, a seemingly endless landscape covering an incredible 80 kilometres. Mountain bike or hike through this spellbinding environment and marvel as orange hues radiate across the rich, red sandstone of Charyn.

Gobi Desert

From the bustle of Beijing, the Gobi Desert offers a vast and pleasant land with areas of desolation, striking rock formations, towering sand dunes and ancient ruins. This desert and bush land spans the Chinese-Mongolian border and holds pre-historic secrets aimed to excite. Embark on a wild exploration to 'Dinosaur Ground Zero,' a remote location providing a world-first opportunity following its initial exploration in 2018. Together with expert Palaeontologists and NASA technology used to explore the surface of Mars, go in search of dinosaur remains that are yet to be discovered. Further your desert adventure and add to the action by exploring the dunes in ATV’s and fat bikes. PELORUS will provide exclusive access to the Caves of the Thousand Buddhas, a fascinating underground labyrinth brimming with ancient treasures. Accompanied by an expert guide, discover the intriguing stories behind this dwelling as you enter areas inaccessible to the public. 


Continue to Xian, an ancient Chinese city built in 1370 which still retains its historic city wall and one of the oldest intact military fortifications. Travel back in time, cycling along the wall with a private guide to accompany you, absorbing views across the entire city. Visit the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Archaeological Site of China’s first emperor Qinshihuang, to witness the impressive terracotta warriors in battle formation, that stand 6 feet tall.


Fly to Sichuan province and explore its capital Chengdu; a lush, green city teeming with parks and old tea houses with delightful bamboo chairs. From here, travel to the more remote panda conservation and breeding centre at Dujiangyan for a truly immersive experience with these curious creatures. Accompanied by local handlers and conservation specialists, get fully involved with panda life through assisting their feeding, mucking out enclosures and bringing bamboo to the pandas. Enjoy a short hike through the glorious bamboo forests to learn more about China’s iconic animal and its natural environment.

Shangri La

Head to Shangri La, a remote and quaint rural town located in northern Yunnan. Blessed with cobblestone streets and ancient buildings, soak up the unique surroundings and spot curious yaks grazing. From here, embark on one of China’s best and famed hikes to Tiger Leaping Gorge. Suitable for all abilities, you will witness superb, dramatic landscapes, caves filled with drawings and local settlements along the way. Take a helicopter ride into the wild to see China’s snub-nosed monkeys, the country’s strangest and rarest creature. Once legendary, today they are protected by nature reserves. Accompanied by a local conservationist, catch a glimpse of these endearing endangered primates in their natural habitat.


Venture east to Guangxi province to Longsheng. Hike the Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces which are built into the hillside and date back over 650 years. Home to numerous ethnic minorities, your knowledgeable guide will accompany you as you meet local people and gain a real insight into their absorbing culture. Travel further to Yangshuo, home to China’s very best dramatic scenery where a myriad of landforms and beautiful features await. Renowned as a world-class hiking and climbing destination, spend the day exploring varied topography with routes to suite all ability levels. With a professional guide, challenge yourself in the sport of riverside climbing in this fantastic back-to-nature experience. Float along the peaceful Yulong river on a bamboo raft, look out for water buffalo ploughing the fields on the riverbank and marvel at the surreal landscape of karst peaks, lush foliage and crystal-clear waters. This is a truly serene experience.


Your journey ends in the vibrant and most populous city of Shanghai. It’s vast size and energetic ambience gives Shanghai a different feel to China’s other cities. Home to the world’s second tallest tower, this modern city intertwines historic architectural buildings throughout its urban cityscape. Sit back and relax as PELORUS takes you up the Huangpu River on a private cruise. Soak up views of the famed Bund and the financial district before you enjoy the glittering river light show at sunset with champagne and canapes. Your VIP seats to the mesmerising Shanghai Acrobatic Show give you the finest views of the performance before you meet with the acrobats themselves. Before bidding farewell to this vibrant city, indulge in an exquisite meal at a fantastic two Michelin star restaurant, the best in town.

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